N+1 = Big Bro

I’m really not on board with the way the bike industry is constantly inventing new standards for things under the pretence that the new standard is “better” than what came before.. much of it is a simple exercise in trying to convince the customer that the stuff they bought last… more »

Brother Cycles AllDay

For whatever reason I recently decided that I needed to build myself a new lightweight tourer, day-tripper, ultralight overnight bivy, commuter, go-fishing, take a picnic, audax, tracks & trails, just riding around in a t-shirt sort of a bike… so of course I did. Naturally in this context ‘needed’ nearly always… more »

Whetman Equipment Contact Line

After an awful lot of cycling-heavy content… time to get back to that other fun thing to do.. sea kayaking… Now, I’ve learned over the years that there are particular topics in sea kayaking that are almost guaranteed to spark off a lively debate.. one is rudders (yawn).. the other… more »

An ECR + Tubus Vega post

There is a liberal scattering of posts and articles around the internet with regard to fitting a rack to a Surly ECR, especially with regard to my favourite rack.. a Tubus Vega (you can tell already this is going to be a dry post can’t you.. non-cyclists can probably switch… more »

Lightweight bike touring gear list..

Over time gear changes (mostly gets lighter), personal philosophy changes, bikes change and as a consequence so does my packing list for a bike trip. The last time I wrote one (in 2011, here) it represented a pretty heavyweight outfitting for a long, partly off-road journey featuring mountains, deserts and… more »

ECR Fettling

Given that I’m heading off to the mountains of Crete in 10 days time I figured I should probably spend a bit of time fettling the configuration of my ECR for what will be its shake-down cruise prior to a bigger journey at the end of the summer. Travelling light… more »


I’ve been fiddling around with my trusty old Nomad a fair bit this last few days in view of my imminent return to the High Atlas, Djebel Sahro and western fringes of the Sahara. Planning on a very much off-piste trip as much as possible having been twice before but… more »

early August two wheeled stuff

Yesterday was the last event in the Cornish Cup series and also the last Open TT event of my calendar for the year. There are still races in August but for me August is reserved for cafe rides with friends, taking cross bikes up onto the moors and paddling. I’m… more »

Paddy Wagon in party trim

Happily the discovery that I can fit two bottles of wine as well as an overnight change of clothes in (and on..) my Carradice Barley saddlebag coincided with the start of the party season.. or possibly it was the other way around.. hmm, well, anyway, it’s a great little bag… more »

all geared up..

finally got around to putting some gear together.. it never takes very long, couple of hours to get it together and another hour or so messing about making choices about which widget is lighter than which other widget and which widgets I don’t need.. I’m one for accepting a small… more »

wheely rather.. dull..

Here’s a good excuse for a ramble. …. I confess I do get excited by spangly bicycle flavoured things, but equally get excited by rather boring things too. With a pile of bits and that Surly Cross Check frame still sitting in the workshop I figured it was probably about… more »


Every so often a bit of kit comes along that changes everything in your outdoors world… The King titanium tyre levers my buddy at my local bikeshop gave me the other day are not such a piece of kit… this little nugget of titanium goodness however most definitely is. I’m… more »

tiny blogging stuff for bike trips

this is something of a test post really, just picked up a Nexus 7 and mini bluetooth keyboard to carry on my bike on future journeys rather than my old netbook (which to be honest is so knackered now it’s barely usable)… so just wanted to see how viable it… more »

a few turns of a nipple…

Back at the end of September when I built my latest winter training bike it was done in the true spirit of a proper winter bike.. as cheaply as possible without being crap.. it was one of those builds that relied heavily on decent but worn parts from my bits… more »

that Kona Paddy Wagon winter bike

That PaddyWagon frame has built up into a really nice winter trainer.. I built it on Tuesday afternoon and took it for a quick 60km shakedown spin yesterday afternoon. It’s a nice ride.. not as sparkly as my DeSalvo but you wouldn’t expect that, but it does have that nice… more »

I need an orange one next….

as my time in the Hebrides this summer drew to a close thoughts inevitably turned to the coming winter at home in Cornwall. Having spent the best part of the last two winters away on my bike in South America I could not help but dwell on what winter cycling… more »

a bit more GF1 waffle..

just a quicky..  I picked up an adapter to let me use Leica M-mount lenses with my Panasonic GF1.. as well as Leica of course it means I can use Zeiss ZM and Voigtlander M-mount lenses too. The Panasonic adapter is £199, this one from Hong Kong was $25. It… more »

Nomad: a big lump of bicycle

Well with flights booked (November) it was about time I got off my arse and rebuilt the Nomad after its last adventure.. it amazes me each time I clean it up and service it how good the paintwork still is after years of adventures..  a thick, black powdercoat that has… more »

new touring wheels…

I don’t think I can make this post really exciting.. the title has nothing to do with a new bike or car… just wheels.. and not very exciting ones at that . However it will conveniently occupy the height of my beer glass ;-) It feels like I spent the… more »

Force Ten Helium 100 tent…

In this, the second part of what may well be a short-lived spell of usefulness, I am going to give an overview of the tent I used during my last trip to South America.. Choosing a tent for a long bicycle adventure is a difficult choice to make… well, it… more »

Panasonic Lumix GF1

I haven’t written much of any use to anyone since I returned from South America so I think maybe it is about time I made the effort to generate some meaningful (relatively…) ramblings … so to that end I’ll occasionally write about some of the kit I used on that… more »

Gear pile…

so after all the messing about with kayaks and bikes and stuff over the holiday it’s time I got my act together and sorted my gear out for my departure in 6 days time… the gear pile is just about complete, pic below… only decision left is whether I take… more »

South America.. the planning bit

I promised to write some words on planning for my bike journeys… my thought processes for this next journey are no different to any other journey I’ve made whether it’s cycling, hiking or  mountaineering…( though I haven’t done any of the latter for a few years… some pics here however)… more »

the steel end of the spectrum…

I finished ‘baking’ this Casseroll over a week ago having managed to lay my hands on the final few ingredients in the form of a Dura-ace front mech and completing the bar tape decision process.. It’s taken a few weeks* to put together but the whole idea was to spend… more »

Salsa stuff….

I’ve been working away from home all this past week, hence the lack of any midweek words… not a lot of riding going on either, seem to be suffering something of a post-viral fatigue flavoured thing… though of course it could just be work doing that to me ;o) The… more »

Hope Vision 1 Review….

The time has come the Walrus said, to talk of many things… of shoes and ships and sealing wax, and cabbages and kings… and LED lights and stuff…. now Lewis Carroll wouldn’t have a had a clue about LED lighting but since it’s been a few days since I wrote… more »

dirty little secret…

…. this fixed-gear stalwart has a dirty little secret growing in the TT weapon quiver. Look at that, I’m ashamed to admit, it’s a derailleur (Dura-Ace no less…). The Condor is not dead by any means it’s still my preferred tool for short distances, I just decided I wanted a… more »

Alpina aerobars

It had to happen didn’t it… after more than a week without any carbon or other jewellery adorning these pages (other than that crappy secondhand bike below :o) an over-compensation in the form of some nice new aerobars for my TT bike…. I picked them up today. I very nearly… more »

post-Christmas stupor…

Hey, hope you had a good time over Christmas…. mine was the usual riot of fun and games only tempered by an unexpectedly bad reaction to the Yellow Fever & Rabies jabs I had on the Friday before… c’est la vie. I did however get on the bike over Christmas… more »

a look at my Extrawheel

OK, as promised a couple of days ago I thought I’d take you on a little guided tour of the Extrawheel trailer I’m taking to S America with me….. Being busy (lazy) I hadn’t actually got around to sorting out the coupling and so on until today, it’s done now… more »