DeSalvo Ti Fixed Gear (part 3, frame..)

Well, after taking the slow(ish) boat plane (FedEX and DHL have hiked their prices significantly it seems so it was a USPS job…) across the Atlantic it finally arrived… my new titanium fixed gear frame from Mike DeSalvo is sitting in my study (posh eh!) just waiting to be built up… I’m happy, not just because it’s a beautiful frame, but because I can hang some mudguards on and save myself from muddy bottom syndrome now that winter has started properly… next week will be my first guaranteed dry-bum riding experience since my old Rush bit the dust… :o) As with my DeSalvo cross frame the workmanship is lovely, I really like the chunky dropouts and the discrete mudguard eyes are perfect.

Anyway, enough writing about it… I’m off to spend a pleasant couple of hours building it up. Details of the completed build soon, in the meantime tho here are a few frame pics to wet your appetite… (assuming you have an appetite for such jewellery…

(part 1, part 2)

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