Godrevy Light

Built in 1858-59, essentially in response to the loss with all hands of the steamer SS Nile in 1854,  the lighthouse at Godrevy is very much a feature of life around here. Just down the road, Godrevy is the place I run, well.. ride, to when I need to {frequently} get away from my desk for a bit, regardless of weather. The view of the lighthouse on the island is a well-known picture postcard view from this part of Cornwall so I try to avoid taking pictures of it for that very reason unless something special is happening. The weather recently, to be blunt, has been absolutely f**king minging.. possibly a reason for recent lack of inspiration to write, but last week down at the beach on one of those days that never really got light, and with rain and hailstones horizontal in the gale,  a ray of weak winter sunshine painted the lighthouse for just the briefest of moments, with the sky as black as night behind as the next storm swept in off the Atlantic. It was worth a frame.

Godrevy Lighthouse

I always take a camera with me when I head out on one of these brief escapes from my desk which means over the years I’ve built up quite a nice little archive of pictures all from essentially the same place – the beach at Gwithian-Godrevy. The seasons, the people, the light, the ocean are always different and it’s become quite an interesting little project. One day I might publish it, but while I’m at it below is another view of the light from a day on which the weather was somewhat more agreeable. Just as an aside the island has some terrific, large, juicy mussels that can be harvested from a sea kayak. Yum. I always figure that if the zombie apocalypse happens at least the local foraging for food is good… I should manage.

Anyway, that’ll do. I just thought perhaps I might just get off my arse and write something. I’ll try harder in future. I did buy myself a flight, with bike of course, back to South America recently… happy Christmas to me… so at least there’s that. In the meantime however.. seasons greetings, merry Christmas and all that!

Also Godrevy Light


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