Things to read

Just another quick post I’m afraid, there’ll be some proper words and pictures along directly but in the meantime I wanted to bring your attention to a couple of items worthy of your attention. Elementum Journal Edition 3 The third edition of the rather lovely Elementum Journal landed this week…. more »

Camp Stories

At times over the past few weeks I’ve been suffering something of a malaise which at times extends to finding it hard to get to grips with the banality of life in general. January is always a bit like that, with no firm expedition plans made yet, just ideas, and… more »

a rubbish boat

The sheer volume of rubbish (or rather ‘garbage’) for my transatlantic readership) floating around in the ocean is heartbreaking. As a sea kayaker especially exploring gullies, caves and so on it is impossible to escape the mountains of plastic, rubber and general accumulation of trash in even the otherwise most… more »

Carey Management Philanthropy Photos

A couple of weeks ago I was approached for a portfolio site for Carey Management to showcase, and make available for sale, selected images of Canada from their portfolio of commissioned works.. as it says on the About page.. “”Use Canada as your canvas and Canadians as your subjects to… more »

Painted Roads goes live

hey guys and gals, just a quick post to let you know that the Painted Roads site just went live. I’m keen for feedback so do please go and have a look around…. and enjoy the photography.. it’s very much a deliberate feature of the site and we’ll be adding… more »

Carbonology catch-up

It dawned on me just recently that so far this year I hadn’t mentioned any proper ‘carbonology’ at all.. I was reminded because another big roll of the shiny expensive black stuff was delivered last week ready for an autumn of moulding.. I have no surf kayak fins left in… more »

click the link above that begins “reblogged..” to read more. I was going to write about this myself, and perhaps I still will but in the meantime Sal at Design Room did a lot of the hard work for me. This was an enjoyable project to work on as I… more »

another post of a carbon flavour…

I feel as if I should apologise to my cycling readership for the recently rather kayak-heavy flavour of my posts… It’s not that I am not riding, I am.. it’s just that nothing exciting is going on in that department right now.. Just cruising around and not really missing the… more »

wakeboarding 1927…

found this morning in the boatyard photo archives.. proof that the “extreme sport” of wakeboarding may in fact have been invented in Portmellon in 1927 ;-) One suspects that aerial moves were not on the menu with this set-up…

Sixty Degrees of Latitude…

First presented in preview form here Sixty Degrees of Latitude is here at last and available to order. 132 pages of interesting photography, printed on a very high quality ‘lustre’ finish paper.  It is not a travelog as such, nor is it exclusively street photography. Rather it is just a… more »