ECR Fettling

Given that I’m heading off to the mountains of Crete in 10 days time I figured I should probably spend a bit of time fettling the configuration of my ECR for what will be its shake-down cruise prior to a bigger journey at the end of the summer. Travelling light… more »


I’ve been fiddling around with my trusty old Nomad a fair bit this last few days in view of my imminent return to the High Atlas, Djebel Sahro and western fringes of the Sahara. Planning on a very much off-piste trip as much as possible having been twice before but… more »

early August two wheeled stuff

Yesterday was the last event in the Cornish Cup series and also the last Open TT event of my calendar for the year. There are still races in August but for me August is reserved for cafe rides with friends, taking cross bikes up onto the moors and paddling. I’m… more »

all geared up..

finally got around to putting some gear together.. it never takes very long, couple of hours to get it together and another hour or so messing about making choices about which widget is lighter than which other widget and which widgets I don’t need.. I’m one for accepting a small… more »

in the green.. or black..

I’ve lost my mental focus for the day so I thought I’d write a little post that isn’t about bikes or cycling or kayaking, rather I thought perhaps it might be time, for those of my readers that are interested, about how the career change thing is going.. as it’s… more »

The Painted Roads social stuff..

I gave the old brain cell a rest from thinking yesterday to set up the social side of the Painted Roads business.. it’s something that will probably be more relevant once we’re actually trading and engaging with people on tour and so on, but also well worth using it now to… more »

a final bit of fintology..

hmm, fintology.. that’s a stupid word but it’s all I could think of for the minute. I’m stuck in waiting for a courier this morning so I may as well fill some blank space on your screen.. This is probably the final carbon kayak fin post for now.. it needs… more »

Sixty Degrees of Latitude…

First presented in preview form here Sixty Degrees of Latitude is here at last and available to order. 132 pages of interesting photography, printed on a very high quality ‘lustre’ finish paper.  It is not a travelog as such, nor is it exclusively street photography. Rather it is just a… more »

the ultimate fixed gear bar stool..

… finally got around to doing something useful with my broken Condor Stadio carbon track frame. The ultimate fixed gear bar stool… fully height adjustable with an aerodynamic seat pin for windy nights at the bar…. The saddle is also ‘recycled’ – a cracked, repaired and cracked again Specialized Toupe…. more »

Nomad: a big lump of bicycle

Well with flights booked (November) it was about time I got off my arse and rebuilt the Nomad after its last adventure.. it amazes me each time I clean it up and service it how good the paintwork still is after years of adventures..  a thick, black powdercoat that has… more »

Panasonic Lumix GF1

I haven’t written much of any use to anyone since I returned from South America so I think maybe it is about time I made the effort to generate some meaningful (relatively…) ramblings … so to that end I’ll occasionally write about some of the kit I used on that… more »

los últimos días: Puno a Cuzco

… in the words of Jim Morrison… This is the end Beautiful friend This is the end My only friend, the end Of our elaborate plans, the end Of everything that stands, the end….. …ahh but I’m getting ahead of myself,  last time I wrote I was still in Puno,… more »

Beinvenidos a Mendoza… :-)

So… here I am in Mendoza, stage 1 complete 1 month and 1958km from Puerto Montt… I’;ve been very productive this morning and now kicking back with a coffee… I’ve dumped my stinky riding gear at a lavadero to get it properly cleaned, I’ve shaved the last 2 weeks worth… more »

San Rafael: culture shock… 

bit of a culture shock going on here today…  San Rafael is the biggest, busiest place I’ve seen so far on this journey, after weeks of mountains, desert and small pueblos I’m finding it a bit overwhelming, hehe. Still, there is very good coffee :-) The city is completely flat… more »

Shelterbox: please sponsor me

<as a postscript/addition to my post below… up to 1500 people a week read this, if everyone just donated one £ to Shelterbox via my JustGiving page that would be huge, it’s less than the cost of a starbucks regular coffee after all… hopefully you can spare that much. You… more »

Alpina aerobars

It had to happen didn’t it… after more than a week without any carbon or other jewellery adorning these pages (other than that crappy secondhand bike below :o) an over-compensation in the form of some nice new aerobars for my TT bike…. I picked them up today. I very nearly… more »

Spring Carbonology… Condor Stadio

It has been quite a while since my last brush with the Carbon Fairy but with the start of the racing season, the arrival of spring (well, the supposed arrival of spring , we’ve seen precious little so far) and the promise of warmer days to come I guess it… more »

a look at my Extrawheel

OK, as promised a couple of days ago I thought I’d take you on a little guided tour of the Extrawheel trailer I’m taking to S America with me….. Being busy (lazy) I hadn’t actually got around to sorting out the coupling and so on until today, it’s done now… more »