via Tizi n’Tazazert…

It was a very definite sense of deja-vu. Not the first time I’d found myself sat by a fire beneath a wonderful starscape on a cold night on top of a mountain sharing a meal with a friendly Berber. That previous time, a few years ago, it was on top… more »


The ride from Agdz was an easy one with very little in the way of significant climbing, 30km south through the date palms and oasis villages of the Draa Valley and then just 40km east across a rocky, sun baked plain with the peaks of the Jebel Sahro on my… more »


The instinct is always to keep pushing on when travelling by bicycle, but aside from the need to rest from time to time it is always good for me to occasionally stop for a bit longer. I stopped here in Agdz for an extra day, in part because yesterday, with… more »

A head full of couscous

I’m not one of those lucky folk that is just ace with languages and that can switch effortlessly from language to language, rather I have to work hard to make a language stick and need to use it frequently to be even remotely  comfortable with it, although stuff does come… more »

When maps go wrong…

I’m resting up for a day in a dusty town on the edge of the desert called Aoulouz after a somewhat challenging day… my legs are toast and the temperatures here are in the mid to high 30’s still, despite winter being just around the corner… but more of that… more »

On the road again

I was sure I would have used that title for a post at some point in the past.. and a quick search revealed that indeed I had, but not since the shores of Lake Titicaca so I feel it is ok to use it again… Arriving late into Marrakech I… more »


I’ve been fiddling around with my trusty old Nomad a fair bit this last few days in view of my imminent return to the High Atlas, Djebel Sahro and western fringes of the Sahara. Planning on a very much off-piste trip as much as possible having been twice before but… more »

two-wheeled memories

Haven’t been inspired to write of late.. figured there is no interest for my readers in just hearing about just lots of riding in pouring rain and gale force winds… and kind of busy with work too. Something I have been doing of late however is archiving old slides from… more »


Rio, Jakarta, Fes, Istanbul… wherever you are in the world there is a law of nature that says that sooner or later you will stumble across someone playing the theme to the movie Titanic .. on pan-pipes. The only thing that can make it worse is if Celine Dion is… more »

while I’m on… Eskişehir

I understand that for some folk who received the email version of my last post, rather than clicking through to the blog , itself pictures were missing. No idea why, sorry about that. If you were missing pictures then click through  to and all should make sense.. While I’m… more »

Eskişehir… the end of my road

It is only 140km from Afyon to Eskişehir but it is very much a journey that needs to be taken slowly over 2 days and savoured.. and it is worth a decent post here… it was a wonderful ride. There are plenty of reasons and opportunities to dawdle from enjoying the… more »


I wasn’t going to bother with another post but this evening changed my mind… Afyon has been a strange experience, partly I think because it is the biggest place I have been since Istanbul.. it’s a small city rather than a town… and hence is something of a shock to… more »

apples to Afyon

The weather was perfect leaving Eğirdir… not a breath of wind, clear sky and chilly enough to need a jacket. The wind did pick up a little later from the north, so a headwind, but no more than a force 3 and thus didn’t detract at all from what turned… more »

Eğirdir etc

If a backpacker says that a place is not worth visiting because there ‘is nothing to do there’ it can generally be assumed that the opposite is true. Such is the case with Eğirdir (pronounced ‘E-irdir’)… I have really enjoyed my couple of days here. Yesterday was my first proper… more »


Hard to believe it is just a few days ago that  I was sweating.. I mistyped as swearing but on reflection that too… at something like 35 degs C… and now putting up with temperatures more than 40 degs colder.. but more on that in a mo… Despite the cold… more »


back on the road tomorrow, up into the mountains and what looks like about 400km to my next stop so slinging up a few pics of Pamukkale now… The storm continued to rage all night and it was still raining first thing this morning… the air is clearer however as… more »

a storm brews…

It’s a funny thing but a least once on every bike journey I will meet a very lovely Parisien girl(s) and invariably they will walk away with my heart, haha.. something to do with the loneliness of the solo cyclist.. my heart is very easy to walk away with… the… more »

a quick bit of Ephesus…

…as I am back on the road tomorrow.. and this afternoon I am doing very little having slept very little… I like the fact that the alcohol can flow freely, very freely in this moslem state when there is a birthday to celebrate.. by the way, apols for the pic… more »

Otobüs tüm iyi yapmak

hmmm, my Turkish is not yet good enough but google says roughly translated that could mean ‘bus make it all better’.. my Turkish is improving but being such a very different language stuff doesn’t stick very well… anyway, back to the otobüs. The last straw I suppose was the day… more »


The ride to Assos was a good one… at last, the preceeding couple of days of riding had been pretty rubbish really with no option other than the highway west to get clear of all the industrial crap around the sea of Marmara so to be on properly small, quiet… more »

A gift of two melons…

There are few things in life as delicious as a siesta in the shade of a tree on a hot afternoon beneath a sapphire blue sky with nothing but the sound of the wind painted onto the peace.. especially when it’s somewhere with such a legendary status as Troy. I… more »

a dripping kebab

I sat on the eastern shore of Europe with a dripping kebab in my hand watching the full moon rise over Asia in a very pink dusk and thought “what a load of bollocks”…. nah I didn’t really.. although after a windless day the air above the city had a… more »

A little bit of Istanbul…

I was wondering whether I’d bother to blog while riding but we’ll see how it goes.. I may lose interest, especially if i find doing it via a little tablet frustrating and poor for handling photos…. As my first proper post using my nexus tablet I’m interested to see how… more »

all geared up..

finally got around to putting some gear together.. it never takes very long, couple of hours to get it together and another hour or so messing about making choices about which widget is lighter than which other widget and which widgets I don’t need.. I’m one for accepting a small… more »

wheely rather.. dull..

Here’s a good excuse for a ramble. …. I confess I do get excited by spangly bicycle flavoured things, but equally get excited by rather boring things too. With a pile of bits and that Surly Cross Check frame still sitting in the workshop I figured it was probably about… more »


Every so often a bit of kit comes along that changes everything in your outdoors world… The King titanium tyre levers my buddy at my local bikeshop gave me the other day are not such a piece of kit… this little nugget of titanium goodness however most definitely is. I’m… more »

tiny blogging stuff for bike trips

this is something of a test post really, just picked up a Nexus 7 and mini bluetooth keyboard to carry on my bike on future journeys rather than my old netbook (which to be honest is so knackered now it’s barely usable)… so just wanted to see how viable it… more »

a couple of days on the moor

Riding buddy and ‘associate expeditioning cyclist’ David, of Painted Roads.. otherwise known as Painted Roads Dave, PRD or ‘purd’ for short, is in country at the moment so we caught up for some riding up on Dartmoor the last couple of days. I like riding with Dave.. unlike when I’m… more »

Painted Roads, Yunnan etc

well so much for race fitness… no sooner was I back on my bike after that minor hiccup in my last post than I was knocked sideways by proper dose of flu. Ho hum. A minor setback I’m sure… as I write from inside my sleeping by a log fire… more »

Painted Roads goes live

hey guys and gals, just a quick post to let you know that the Painted Roads site just went live. I’m keen for feedback so do please go and have a look around…. and enjoy the photography.. it’s very much a deliberate feature of the site and we’ll be adding… more »

uphill hijinks in Vietnam…

seems like there might be a spot of cheating going on out there in Vietnam on the current Painted Roads research trip… Although I understand things are somewhat warm at the moment… you’ll be happy to note however that this trip will run during a cooler time of year.. click here… more »

The Painted Roads social stuff..

I gave the old brain cell a rest from thinking yesterday to set up the social side of the Painted Roads business.. it’s something that will probably be more relevant once we’re actually trading and engaging with people on tour and so on, but also well worth using it now to… more »

a presentation project..

One of the projects I’m engaged in at the moment is putting together a presentation on ‘adventure cycling’ for Truro College.. they have an Adventure Academy there that is tied up with the outdoor-flavoured degree courses. It’s not a paid presentation but we are going to use it to try… more »

some salt with that?

I’m just uploading some material to youtube for business related reasons but while I was at it I thought I would upload & share this.. In Bolivia I met a Canadian cyclist, James. We teamed up to cross the harsh landscapes of the southwest.. including a couple of days riding… more »

not really a rainforest kind of a guy

“What next?“.. it is a question I am hearing with increasing frequency from friends and ex-colleagues.. Of course I know full well that what they really mean is “when are you going to stop messing about and get a proper job?” words that have followed me ever since one very… more »