Hot in Junin…

This afternoon I’m in a small town called Junin (pronounce ‘hooneen’)… reason I’m inside typing this is that it’s baking hot outside… mid-30’s C and the whole town, sensibly, is pretty much asleep or lounging under the trees by the river :-) Junin I’ve got a room here for the… more »

on from Valle la Angostura

** there’s an article about Shelterbox in Haiti on the BBC news site here: scroll down the page when it opens for news updates and links to pictures *** Before I write about the last couple of days can I just say… to everyone who made a donation and… more »

a big chunk of cow

I am truly my own worst enemy, didn’t get into my tent till 1am… again… so allow me to introduce Juan & Elisa.. it’s all their fault. we lit a big fire for a BBQ and sent Eli off to get some meat while we, being typical males, played around… more »

El Jardin de Patagonia….

Hola, today I’m writing from Valle la Angostura in Argentina, it calls itself El Jardin de Patagonia… and it really is rather beautiful. The town looks and feels almost identical to Banff, same homogenous natural wood and stone architecture, shops geared towards mountain sports and so on.. very much the… more »