Brother Cycles AllDay

For whatever reason I recently decided that I needed to build myself a new lightweight tourer, day-tripper, ultralight overnight bivy, commuter, go-fishing, take a picnic, audax, tracks & trails, just riding around in a t-shirt sort of a bike… so of course I did. Naturally in this context ‘needed’ nearly always… more »

early August two wheeled stuff

Yesterday was the last event in the Cornish Cup series and also the last Open TT event of my calendar for the year. There are still races in August but for me August is reserved for cafe rides with friends, taking cross bikes up onto the moors and paddling. I’m… more »

EAI Gold Medal Pro

This is a bit of a bike nerdy post so most readers can probably go and do something else, maybe go and find some drying paint or something…  I’ve been running Dura-Ace track cogs on my TT bike.. they’re very round which is great for achieving consistent chain tension but I… more »

back on it..

Saturday evening was my first TT since trashing my leg more than 5 weeks ago. I’ve still got some bruising and stuff but it’s nearly all gone, most noticeable though is the quads appear slightly smaller on the right now than on the left, so some one-legged intervals or something in order… more »

life in the old dog yet…

I borrowed that well-worn old expression off a mate, also an old duffer of 42 (or maybe 41… or 35 even, just in case he’s reading..),  who did really well at a surf kayak comp last weekend and wheeled it out for the occasion… although 42 is not old of… more »

Isaac Velocity.. somewhat inevitable

One for the bike nerds :-) It was inevitable really I suppose that sooner or later along would come a new dedicated fixed-gear TT machine to replace my now long-gone Condor Stadio… Budget this time around much much smaller so nearly all second hand parts, which is no bad thing, but… more »

a bit of a round-up…

Before I start rambling off about the usual stuff I think I’d better say a word or two about a Boatbuilder’s Story for all those patient readers who have been waiting for so long. It’s really close now… it has taken a long time, fitting it in around everything else… more »

a bit of fixed fun

So this morning I turned a pedal in competition for the first time since September 2008. The Penzance Wheelers Sporting 21. It was a whole heap of fun and I’m reasonably pleased with my performance given it’s only been a couple of weeks since I decided I might ride a… more »

a few turns of a nipple…

Back at the end of September when I built my latest winter training bike it was done in the true spirit of a proper winter bike.. as cheaply as possible without being crap.. it was one of those builds that relied heavily on decent but worn parts from my bits… more »

that Kona Paddy Wagon winter bike

The PaddyWagon frame has built up into a really nice winter trainer.. I built it on Tuesday afternoon and took it for a quick 60km shakedown spin yesterday afternoon. It’s a nice ride.. not as sparkly as my DeSalvo but you wouldn’t expect that, but it does have that nice… more »

the end of the year post

it’s that time of the year again.. a year ago I had been exploring the Valle de Los Exploradores on my bike before returning to Rio Tranquilo to camp on the shores of Lago General Carrera with some Swiss cycling friends. The weather was unexpectedly warm and sunny, and as… more »

I need an orange one next….

as my time in the Hebrides this summer drew to a close thoughts inevitably turned to the coming winter at home in Cornwall. Having spent the best part of the last two winters away on my bike in South America I could not help but dwell on what winter cycling… more »

the ultimate fixed gear bar stool..

… finally got around to doing something useful with my broken Condor Stadio carbon track frame. The ultimate fixed gear bar stool… fully height adjustable with an aerodynamic seat pin for windy nights at the bar…. The saddle is also ‘recycled’ – a cracked, repaired and cracked again Specialized Toupe…. more »

more fixed gear musings…

I figure it’s about time I wrote something… of course given that I’m not on the road at the moment it probably isn’t going to be anything interesting.. after all my spare time has settled down into a normal routine of surf/kayak/bike (not necessarily in that order)… and the endless… more »

Lizard 30… my fixed ride report

I’m not sure where to begin really, I’m a little out of sorts tonight, my very good friend John crashed heavily during yesterday’s race and is in hospital with serious head and facial injuries. I feel pretty powerless, he gave me so much of his time a while back when… more »

Spring Carbonology… Condor Stadio

It has been quite a while since my last brush with the Carbon Fairy but with the start of the racing season, the arrival of spring (well, the supposed arrival of spring , we’ve seen precious little so far) and the promise of warmer days to come I guess it… more »