Painted Roads, Yunnan etc

well so much for race fitness… no sooner was I back on my bike after that minor hiccup in my last post than I was knocked sideways by proper dose of flu. Ho hum. A minor setback I’m sure… as I write from inside my sleeping by a log fire… more »

Painted Roads goes live

hey guys and gals, just a quick post to let you know that the Painted Roads site just went live. I’m keen for feedback so do please go and have a look around…. and enjoy the photography.. it’s very much a deliberate feature of the site and we’ll be adding… more »

uphill hijinks in Vietnam…

seems like there might be a spot of cheating going on out there in Vietnam on the current Painted Roads research trip… Although I understand things are somewhat warm at the moment… you’ll be happy to note however that this trip will run during a cooler time of year.. click here… more »

The Painted Roads social stuff..

I gave the old brain cell a rest from thinking yesterday to set up the social side of the Painted Roads business.. it’s something that will probably be more relevant once we’re actually trading and engaging with people on tour and so on, but also well worth using it now to… more »