Seven and a half years

Not much of an anniversary.. rather that I’ve been in quite a reflective mood recently.. something to do with growing older perhaps… I wasn’t going to bother writing but it has been pointed out to me by folk more intelligent than I that there are people out there perhaps considering a… more »

Bikepacking: A Book Review

A few weeks ago I received a copy of a rather nice new book from Wild Things Publishing, the background being that there is a little bit of my photography between the covers – but really only a very tiny amount and it is, quite rightly, lost amongst the rather splendid… more »

Early Spring Lunch

Last weekend Cornwall was still very much in the grip of winter, but spring does appear to have since arrived… yesterday the sun was warm, the wind was light and the lanes were fragrant with the scent of flowers.. so a spin out for lunch with a riding buddy was in… more »

Five Photos, #5

Here we are, last one… no reason in particular for choosing this one.. I could have picked any number of street, travel or otherwise flavoured pics… but this evening I’m of a mind for mountains and I like this pic and have happy memories of that trip… Mountains are ace… more »

Five Photos, #4

Just another random selection, no particular story behind it. Just like it. I could spend hours trying to decide ‘what picture’.. it’s not a good use of time, so.. here we are. Kids on the school bus in Leh, Ladakh. I was passing through on my bicycle. Of course ;-)

Five Photos, #3

OK, back to the five photos thing with number 3. I changed my mind about the ‘photos with stories behind them’ thing, I don’t wish to be a bore.. so instead just picking stuff at random… So.. this one, Lac Chat in Parc Tremblant, a couple of hours drive north… more »

North West Frontier cafe

Five Photos, #2

It’s not very sharp, it was quite dark inside the cafe so I was shooting handheld, wide open at f1.4 on Fuji Provia 100f with a shutter speed not far off single figures, if memory serves, on my old Nikon FE2.. Anyway, on the Afghanistan / Pakistan border in 2000… more »

Hindu Festival

Five Photos, #1

A little while ago Chyrel suggested I post five photos in sequence. As a rule I’m not normally particularly bothered about such flavours of ‘challenge’ that circulate through the blogging community… however.. she writes a good blog out east in the Phillippines and is enjoyable to engage with.. so just this once… more »

The push to the open road

The open road beckons.. as I think about the need to disappear into wild and empty places again I’ve been thinking, well ‘dwelling’ is perhaps more appropriate, on what it is that draws me to such places. It is a true statement that to date I have never been happier than when… more »

Memory Dust

Sometimes it takes me even longer to get around to sorting it out. For the two weeks since the end of the journey my expedition bike has been sitting downstairs, propped against the table in dusty pieces, a final reminder of how good the journey was. It is always like… more »

Summer O’clock

It’s awesome when summer arrives, it always seems to arrive really suddenly… (and sometimes disappear again just as quickly). It is only a few days ago that the weather was still cold and windy. The last couple of days however have been a gift with sunny skies and some fantastic… more »

two-wheeled memories

Haven’t been inspired to write of late.. figured there is no interest for my readers in just hearing about just lots of riding in pouring rain and gale force winds… and kind of busy with work too. Something I have been doing of late however is archiving old slides from… more »


With not many days left before I hit the road folk keep asking me if I’m busy getting ready for upcoming bicycle journey.. and it makes me wonder if I should be doing ‘something’ to get ready.. as I’m not. Heck it’s always like this, all I need to do… more »

a few turns of a nipple…

Back at the end of September when I built my latest winter training bike it was done in the true spirit of a proper winter bike.. as cheaply as possible without being crap.. it was one of those builds that relied heavily on decent but worn parts from my bits… more »

a general ramble sort of a post

Early this morning while stripping off and changing down at Sennen beach for a surf session, a little robin with his feathers all puffed up against the cold, landed on the bow of my surf boat and looked at me in that way that only robins do.. you know.. head… more »

Seasons greetings… etc

apologies for the continued lack of words and pictures, I have been busy.. yesterday afternoon however through the fug of a seasonal hangover I thought I might dig around in my files  for a seasonal sort of a photo (you know, with snow n’shit ) with which to wish everyone… more »

in the green.. or black..

I’ve lost my mental focus for the day so I thought I’d write a little post that isn’t about bikes or cycling or kayaking, rather I thought perhaps it might be time, for those of my readers that are interested, about how the career change thing is going.. as it’s… more »

I don’t wear lycra to meetings..

Last week I arranged to meet with a business contact and possible future collaborator to discuss, well, business.. exchange ideas, information and so on related to a travel project I am involved in (more of which shall be revealed shortly). We were to meet at a cafe in Truro, as… more »

in an ordinary world

A few days ago I was reminded to write about something that I’ve been meaning to scribble a few words on for ages.  I was sitting in the waiting room at my GP’s surgery, there was a pile of photography magazines in the corner so I picked one up for… more »

just worn out.. hopefully, & a bit of beach

not so long ago when I was competing and doing high training volumes and lots of high intensity stuff.. intervals, time-trials, sprints and the like becoming chronically overtrained was a very real danger but because that awareness was foremost in my mind as I followed my training schedule and monitored… more »

a presentation project..

One of the projects I’m engaged in at the moment is putting together a presentation on ‘adventure cycling’ for Truro College.. they have an Adventure Academy there that is tied up with the outdoor-flavoured degree courses. It’s not a paid presentation but we are going to use it to try… more »

for the duration of a brew…

I’m suffering from sluggish brain cells (yes, plural…) this morning so I thought in an effort to warm them up, and for the duration of a large mug of coffee, I might write something on here about what has been going on in the mikeyverse of late.. other than kayaking… more »

click the link above that begins “reblogged..” to read more. I was going to write about this myself, and perhaps I still will but in the meantime Sal at Design Room did a lot of the hard work for me. This was an enjoyable project to work on as I… more »

the Einstein Bicycle Effect

It is a shame the effect seems limited to rides of 2 hours or less. Given all the miles I’ve ridden over a lifetime, I am sure I would otherwise have solved the problem of a unified field theory many times over, putting many a theoretical physicist out of a… more »

the end of the year post

it’s that time of the year again.. a year ago I had been exploring the Valle de Los Exploradores on my bike before returning to Rio Tranquilo to camp on the shores of Lago General Carrera with some Swiss cycling friends. The weather was unexpectedly warm and sunny, and as… more »

happy something or other…

I wonder how many posts there will be by the end of tomorrow in the blogosphere titled “Bah Humbug”? I don’t think I’ll use that title today although I did consider it ;-) I thought I would sit down and write something however as it is that particular time of… more »

back in the day…

oh dear, it has been a couple of weeks since I sat down at my keyboard with the purpose of populating these pages with more words and pictures.. It’s not that nothing worth writing about has been going on, it’s just that the brain cell has been otherwise engaged you… more »

I need an orange one next….

as my time in the Hebrides this summer drew to a close thoughts inevitably turned to the coming winter at home in Cornwall. Having spent the best part of the last two winters away on my bike in South America I could not help but dwell on what winter cycling… more »

final few island images…

I’m leaving these islands on Sunday morning… feeling a little sad, I feel very at home here. However all being well I’ll be back next summer for another season of kayaking and in the meantime I have a whole winter of ‘stuff’ to look forward to back in Cornwall. I… more »

more island stuff…

“You anything to do with the sea kayaking?” the grumpy looking chap said… it clearly had not escaped his notice that I was faffing about with sea kayaks on a trailer here in Castlebay. “Yup” was my one word reply… failing to warm to him and his equally grumpy looking… more »

a Thursday roundup…

Various projects have been moving slower than expected for a number of reasons, including having to repair my carbon paddle after I noticed some damage,  so I thought I would post a quick round up.. 1. The carbon surf kayak fins.. I have a nice mould now, pictured. The first… more »

stormy Molson sky..

just a quick one.. I was going through some image files this morning and came across this one I thought it would be interesting to share… just look at that sky… the storm was a real stonker once it broke, we just don’t get those big storm cells here in… more »

beers in the fridge…

…having learned from previous homecomings I’d had the foresight to make sure there was an unopened bottle of rum (thanks Keara ;-) ready for my return. I had quite forgotten about it while on the road so it was a welcome surprise on my return to Cornwall yesterday… a happy… more »

square wheels…

I have concrete, possibly square, wheels on my bike… or this is how it seems. The last two days my efforts to leave town have taken me as far as the breakfast table where I invariably settle down with a few good coffees, some wonderful home-made bread, pull my map… more »