going Dutch

You know those google ‘adsense’ ads that appear at the edges of some web pages… the idea being that based on your browsing preferences one is presented with ads in which one is likely to be interested. Historically I have found them to be of little relevance but yesterday it… more »


“… I need it three times a day..” … Each time I return to England from extended time overseas I find myself more keenly aware of the various national stereotypes… this morning three old dears at a bus stop talking about their prescriptions.. I could not help but overhear a snippet… more »

beers in the fridge…

…having learned from previous homecomings I’d had the foresight to make sure there was an unopened bottle of rum (thanks Keara ;-) ready for my return. I had quite forgotten about it while on the road so it was a welcome surprise on my return to Cornwall yesterday… a happy… more »

square wheels…

I have concrete, possibly square, wheels on my bike… or this is how it seems. The last two days my efforts to leave town have taken me as far as the breakfast table where I invariably settle down with a few good coffees, some wonderful home-made bread, pull my map… more »

the camp stove sessions…

I must have picked up some bad karma along the way I think, possibly something to do with my comments about the tourists here in El Calafate.. hehe, I was expecting some stronger words but the worst I’ve been accused of so far is being a “a little wry..” ;-)… more »

Exmoor Ponies at the Lizard..

nothing to do with cycling or kayaking for a change, just a quick post to introduce a couple of Exmoor Ponies I met while rambling around on the cliffs out on the Lizard yesterday on a beautiful late autumn afternoon. I think they’re ace.. and they’re interesting too..Unlike many other… more »

of bikes and kayaks…

looking at my scribblings below for the last few weeks you could be forgiven for thinking I wasn’t doing any riding… it’s not true, I am.. I am just not writing about it. Nothing has changed in my cycling world… my DeSalvo fixed gear keeps on going.. as does my… more »

Carbon Fairy comes.. (again)

progress on the paddle project has been slowed somewhat this last few days by a spell of fine weather, the Cornwall Sea Kayak Symposium, some bike riding, getting mashed in some large surf and essential outdoors work on my house… It’s not stalled completely however, a large roll of the… more »

a local abstract…

bit of a random one this.. the surf is up but sadly I ain’t in it, I have a cold. bah. Not on my bike for the same reason. Instead I wandered round the corner with my camera in an effort to get inspired.. I rarely photograph at home, I’m… more »


As my singularly apathetic state continues I find myself unable to apply myself to those things conventionally thought of as important.. i.e my future, work etc etc.. rather mind and body have no interest in anything other than riding my bike, paddling my kayak, spending time in the surf and… more »

not exactly rocket science…

over the last couple of weeks riding with Pete I’ve been subject to something of a standing joke… I’m an (or maybe that should be ‘was’.. don’t know yet) aerospace engineer by profession… near as dammit a rocket scientist I reckon, hehe… it all came about because of that Mitchell… more »

perro en un alambre….

Hello, bit of a long one this I’m afraid. My diary of the last few days… hope you’re sitting comfortably…. Friday 15th: One of the advantages of carrying a little laptop with me is that, aside from advancing my knowledge (sounds better than merely ‘learning’ don’t you think…) of Spanish… more »

Day 2…

I’ll finish with the day 1, day 2 thing dreckly, it’s just I’m lacking imagination at the moment. Back on the bike today,I’m happy with my state of fitness now and feel ready to return to the Andes. My 76″ gear didn’t feel over-geared in the slightest today. The roads… more »

2010 Day 1…

hey, Happy New Year everyone :-) I hope your 2010 kicked off as well as mine. Fabulous weather today for a paddle from Sennen, below the towering granite cliffs round Lands End past Porthcurno where the plan was to land below Treen cliff for a late lunch (we didn’t set… more »


Yesterday I was looking at a map of South America with a friend and we noticed that Paraguay has a department called Presidente Hayes… we thought that was pretty cool however my hopes that the Presidente in question was a particularly dastardly character were dashed when a little bit (a… more »

Bright young things

just a quick one… in the bakery this morning: old gent juggling some buns (!): “oh life would be so much easier if I had 3 arms” girl of 16-17yrs behind the counter: “oh, you’d be like an octopus then” ummm, don’t think so….  though perhaps there is a Cornish… more »

in Montreal

‘allo, apols for recent/ongoing absence… I’m working in Montréal at present, back next week with some interesting stuff including some hands-on with Voigtlander’s new Bessa 3 medium format (6×6/6×7) folding rangefinder… film based of course, and really quite special. Stay tuned…..

Sunfish and stuff

oh dear, I am having a ‘dry’ period aren’t in terms of words, averaging about 0.9 posts/week or something, lol. It’s not that I’m not doing anything.. it’s just there’s not so much to write about…  for instance I had a fab high speed ride out on Saturday, only about… more »

a lack of inspiration…

it feels like ages since I wrote anything… it’s not that nothing has been happening, it’s just that nothing has been happening worth writing about.. you know- I’ve been going to work, riding my bike, watching Le Tour, paddling the kayak.. all fun (well, apart from work) but nothing remarkable… more »

Easter round-up

It’s Easter, it’s sunny and Cornwall is full of townies…. there is something about a surfboard lashed to the roof of a new BMW or Lexus that somehow doesn’t quite ring true… the roads this weekend have been clogged with Chelsea tractors… and the sea only slightly less clogged with… more »

Skinny what (the f**k)?!

….skinny latte, skinny cappucino and now skinny water…! You´d have thought that the water was sufficiently lacking in calories for most folk, but apparently not… airports I find are little microcosms of marketing bullshit of sufficient concentration that it´s impossible to ignore… but even in this overload of bollocks the… more »

Sal at the Brick Lane Gallery

Just a little bit of a promotional post this morning for my sister Sal, she’s exhibiting at the Brick Lane Gallery, London from 4th to 18th March.. Of course I’m biased but I think her abstract canvases are brilliant… of course you may think they’re rubbish but her work must… more »

froze my nuts off (again!!:o)

Apologies for my recent absence, I’ve been in the chiller cabinet over in Montréal for a couple of weeks… -30 degs C when I arrived which made yesterdays -18 or so on my departure feel positively tropical… (I’d forgotten just what that kind of cold felt like and it’s not… more »

small surprises…

life does amazing things sometimes… I’ve been away a lot recently for work… sitting in conference rooms like an unhappy caged animal, the weather continues to be miserable and I’m still struggling to get rid of the virus that has been dogging me recently… so I was in something of… more »

a blast from the past….

a very cool thing happened to me back in June this year that has nothing to with bikes or travel (well, not much anyway)…. my first best friend tracked me down and got in touch… we were born just a couple of months apart in the same tiny hamlet by… more »

back shortly….

… scooting around the country at the moment (not on a bicycle), I’ll be back online next week so in the meantime if you’re in England – enjoy the long weekend, and if you’re not, well I’ll enjoy it for you…! adios!

worth getting out of bed for….

it’s funny how things go sometimes with bike racing… it felt like forever (in reality only 3 weeks) since I did any really hard cycling… and despite being forced to take time out through illness and because of work I hadn’t been off the bike entirely for any consecutive stretches… more »

coming soon…

With reference to my last post below I’m working really hard to get the exhibition site up and running (in between cycling of course and that minor distraction known as work), hence lack of words on here… I can tell you though that the grand total raised for the 4… more »

Steamy things…

A change from cycling today… it’s time for a history lesson I think… you see I’m not the only genius Cornwall has produced… Richard Trevithick, inventor of the first working steam railway locomotive (as well as a bunch of other stuff) was also a Cornishman… and from this town too…. more »

normal service….

…will be resumed shortly. Heck it’s only been 4 days but {insert tongue in cheek here…} I wouldn’t want anyone to worry about my absence… as if you lot would, hah! It’s been a bonkers busy week, and I’m nursing a couple of cracked ribs and some cuts and bruises… more »


The title reflects my state of mind this morning I think…. I entered the North Cornwall Tor cyclosportive today, a nice 100mile cruise around the coastal roads on North Cornwall… so this weekend I end up with eczema all over my face and chest. Nice, it’s pretty sore and from… more »

willy-waving knuckle-draggers

Bit of a mixed bag tonight.. I’ve been working away from home this last couple of days, always good for a change of scene and exposure to some refreshing new technology… also good for kicking back and letting someone else cook dinner while I enjoy the wine list (it’s the… more »

a simple photograph

I’m slowly working my way through the mountain of images I brought home from my bike trip in South America… I have just about 1000 slides (I’m not going to bother to explain, again, why I still shoot good old-fashioned film…!) I’m editing pretty harshly, it’s a job I want… more »