the camp stove sessions…

I must have picked up some bad karma along the way I think, possibly something to do with my comments about the tourists here in El Calafate.. hehe, I was expecting some stronger words but the worst I’ve been accused of so far is being a “a little wry..” ;-)… more »

Exmoor Ponies at the Lizard..

nothing to do with cycling or kayaking for a change, just a quick post to introduce a couple of Exmoor Ponies I met while rambling around on the cliffs out on the Lizard yesterday on a beautiful late autumn afternoon. I think they’re ace.. and they’re interesting too..Unlike many other… more »

of bikes and kayaks…

looking at my scribblings below for the last few weeks you could be forgiven for thinking I wasn’t doing any riding… it’s not true, I am.. I am just not writing about it. Nothing has changed in my cycling world… my DeSalvo fixed gear keeps on going.. as does my… more »

Carbon Fairy comes.. (again)

progress on the paddle project has been slowed somewhat this last few days by a spell of fine weather, the Cornwall Sea Kayak Symposium, some bike riding, getting mashed in some large surf and essential outdoors work on my house… It’s not stalled completely however, a large roll of the… more »

a local abstract…

bit of a random one this.. the surf is up but sadly I ain’t in it, I have a cold. bah. Not on my bike for the same reason. Instead I wandered round the corner with my camera in an effort to get inspired.. I rarely photograph at home, I’m… more »


As my singularly apathetic state continues I find myself unable to apply myself to those things conventionally thought of as important.. i.e my future, work etc etc.. rather mind and body have no interest in anything other than riding my bike, paddling my kayak, spending time in the surf and… more »

not exactly rocket science…

over the last couple of weeks riding with Pete I’ve been subject to something of a standing joke… I’m an (or maybe that should be ‘was’.. don’t know yet) aerospace engineer by profession… near as dammit a rocket scientist I reckon, hehe… it all came about because of that Mitchell… more »

perro en un alambre….

Hello, bit of a long one this I’m afraid. My diary of the last few days… hope you’re sitting comfortably…. Friday 15th: One of the advantages of carrying a little laptop with me is that, aside from advancing my knowledge (sounds better than merely ‘learning’ don’t you think…) of Spanish… more »

The road to Pasto..

I’ve just started sorting through all my images from my bike journey over in South America… so it’s been a day of wallowing in memories of some amazing riding… perhaps not as spectacular as my Himalayan journey, the Andes in Southern Colombia were certainly beautiful… this is the road from… more »