It’s been a while since being inspired to post. My professional services seem to be overwhelmingly in demand at the moment so when I don’t have to be in front of a screen I don’t want to be in front of a screen. There’s not much to say, really this post… more »

Things to read

Just another quick post I’m afraid, there’ll be some proper words and pictures along directly but in the meantime I wanted to bring your attention to a couple of items worthy of your attention. Elementum Journal Edition 3 The third edition of the rather lovely Elementum Journal landed this week…. more »

A Porto Portfolio

Very recently I had the opportunity, well, more of an excuse really, to spend a couple of days in Porto catching up with friends. It was super. As you might expect I also took a few snaps along the way. I imagine I wouldn’t be writing had I not done so…… more »

Five Photos, #5

Here we are, last one… no reason in particular for choosing this one.. I could have picked any number of street, travel or otherwise flavoured pics… but this evening I’m of a mind for mountains and I like this pic and have happy memories of that trip… Mountains are ace… more »

revisiting some Moroccan streets

For the last couple of bicycle journeys I’ve travelled really light so just used a 7″ Android tablet as a tool for updating this journal – not ideal but it did the job and took up very little room along with my camera, a Fuji x100s – I think   the most… more »

a quick post of an evening flavour

I almost never photograph sunsets.. usual adjectives apply such as ‘uninteresting’, ‘clichéd’ etc etc but every so often one comes along that is worth remembering.. and hence worth a quick snap. I was in the waves with friends down at Sennen Cove on Friday evening after a day of thunderstorms….. more »

Carbonology catch-up

It dawned on me just recently that so far this year I hadn’t mentioned any proper ‘carbonology’ at all.. I was reminded because another big roll of the shiny expensive black stuff was delivered last week ready for an autumn of moulding.. I have no surf kayak fins left in… more »

in the green.. or black..

I’ve lost my mental focus for the day so I thought I’d write a little post that isn’t about bikes or cycling or kayaking, rather I thought perhaps it might be time, for those of my readers that are interested, about how the career change thing is going.. as it’s… more »

just worn out.. hopefully, & a bit of beach

not so long ago when I was competing and doing high training volumes and lots of high intensity stuff.. intervals, time-trials, sprints and the like becoming chronically overtrained was a very real danger but because that awareness was foremost in my mind as I followed my training schedule and monitored… more »

click the link above that begins “reblogged..” to read more. I was going to write about this myself, and perhaps I still will but in the meantime Sal at Design Room did a lot of the hard work for me. This was an enjoyable project to work on as I… more »

wakeboarding 1927…

found this morning in the boatyard photo archives.. proof that the “extreme sport” of wakeboarding may in fact have been invented in Portmellon in 1927 ;-) One suspects that aerial moves were not on the menu with this set-up…

Shelterbox: please sponsor me

<as a postscript/addition to my post below… up to 1500 people a week read this, if everyone just donated one £ to Shelterbox via my JustGiving page that would be huge, it’s less than the cost of a starbucks regular coffee after all… hopefully you can spare that much. You… more »