A surf photography portfolio..

I don’t generally write about my work related stuff on this blog, that’s what I have my other blog for, this is really just for posts about riding, paddling and pictures (and the occasional rant about something..). Today is something of an exception however as it’s photography related.. pretty pictures… more »

one year on…

One of the things about having a blog is that one makes friends that ultimately come along for the journey.. and it’s not just the latest bicycle journey or kayak flavoured adventure but also the bigger journey.. I know from feedback that a number of my readers have taken an… more »

Carey Management Philanthropy Photos

A couple of weeks ago I was approached for a portfolio site for Carey Management to showcase, and make available for sale, selected images of Canada from their portfolio of commissioned works.. as it says on the About page.. “”Use Canada as your canvas and Canadians as your subjects to… more »

mikesimagination on facebook..

Just a quick note to say ‘mikesimagination’ is now on facebook.. primarily to do with the web and graphic design side of things but as it develops I’m sure there’ll be some photography and other things creeping in as well. I’m still not quite comfortable with the use of the… more »