Storck Scenario Pro… a second life

It took me a while to get around to taking some pics… motivation has been low to write and photograph these last couple of weeks, something to do with settling back into normal life at home I guess. Anyway for those folk who might be interested I finally photographed my refurbished Scenario Pro… It cost me £416 in total, that includes shipping to/from Germany; strip, inspection and refinish of the frame; return of the fork to THM Carbones for inspection; new graphics; M5 CNC cable adjusters & new headset bearings. Before sending it off it seemed quite a lot to spend on a  7 year old frame but having seen the results it was more than worth it, and of course the ride is as thrilling as ever. 7 years ago the Scenario Pro was one of the finest frames money could buy.. now it’s one of the finest frames money can’t buy :-) It’s still my favourite ride ever amongst a raft of other carbon and titanium machines owned over the years – beautifully balanced on the road with a perfect blend of stiffness, comfort and responsiveness. Very much a modern classic IMO and good for at least another 7 years, probably more…

Weight as pictured is bang on 16lbs without any special tuning parts (unless you count the Tune QRs as ‘special’). Just a regular Campagnolo Record group (10s), Neutron Ultra wheels, Thomson stem, Syntace bars, Specialized saddle and New Ultimate seatpost. So 3lbs heavier than my CD1.0 was… but I’ll not miss it.

10 thoughts on “Storck Scenario Pro… a second life

  • What a great high gloss finish to that frame. Grey shouldn’t sound too inspiring, but that’s great.

  • Hello Mike,

    beautiful bike- are you interested in selling the Scenario Pro? Wht Frame size it is?
    Kind regards from Germany


    • hey Martin, cheers! it’s a 55cm frame. re selling, I have thought about it, yes. I’m still thinking about it and finding it quite hard. I use it very little as my riding profile has changed so it’s in beautiful condition, but being quite a special bike, and rare now.. at least in the UK.. I’m still unsure if I can sell it. Not much idea what it is worth either really. I’ll give it some more thought!

  • Hi, I have this frame but can’t find any info on it to build it. Any ideas?

    I thought posting something up on here from 2010 would be a good idea. 😬

    • Hi, not sure what info you need.. it’s a pretty standard road frame, only thing a bit different is, from memory, is the fork axle to crown length is longer than most after-market forks and has less offset, 38mm I think, rather than more common 40-45mm

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