Carbonology catch-up

It dawned on me just recently that so far this year I hadn’t mentioned any proper ‘carbonology’ at all.. I was reminded because another big roll of the shiny expensive black stuff was delivered last week ready for an autumn of moulding.. I have no surf kayak fins left in… more »

another post of a carbon flavour…

I feel as if I should apologise to my cycling readership for the recently rather kayak-heavy flavour of my posts… It’s not that I am not riding, I am.. it’s just that nothing exciting is going on in that department right now.. Just cruising around and not really missing the… more »

a final bit of fintology..

hmm, fintology.. that’s a stupid word but it’s all I could think of for the minute. I’m stuck in waiting for a courier this morning so I may as well fill some blank space on your screen.. This is probably the final carbon kayak fin post for now.. it needs… more »

another carbon Greenland paddle

I’ve just finished making myself a second carbon Greenland paddle. The first one has been a great success, very nice to use – comfortable and very efficient, and has proven itself more than tough enough. The reason for this new one is that I wanted to modify the blade profile… more »

a Thursday roundup…

Various projects have been moving slower than expected for a number of reasons, including having to repair my carbon paddle after I noticed some damage,  so I thought I would post a quick round up.. 1. The carbon surf kayak fins.. I have a nice mould now, pictured. The first… more »