Thorn Nomad

Well with flights booked (November) it was about time I got off my arse and rebuilt the Nomad after its last adventure.. it amazes me each time I clean it up and service it how good the paintwork still is after years of adventures..  a thick, black powdercoat that has proven to be pretty much bombproof. The only real changes to the bike from last time are the new rims I built onto the old hubs a couple of weeks ago (original post), a new outer chainring, new cables, cassette, chain and a new rear tyre. The old Marathon rear has plenty of life in it yet but I replaced it anyway as it did get damaged on the rail line to Atocha  in Bolivia, the front, despite many 1000’s of km, still looks like good. The brakes rather suffered with the salt and grit in Bolivia but are back to working well having been flushed through  with almost an entire can of GT85 and left to soak in oil for a day. The derailleur jockey wheels were shot too, I didn’t have any spares in my bits box but did come across a set of quite spangly Tiso alloy ones I vaguely remember acquiring years ago.. so those are on there now. Not sure how well they will last, I do remember seeing a post somewhere many years ago that compared them to a well matured cheddar in terms of durability. We shall see…

ready to roll once again

So, I really do enjoy tinkering with bikes and I’ve probably done more than was strictly necessary but being an engineer I cannot rest unless my bicycle is in running perfectly :-) There is just one job left to do.. replace all the primary load bearing bolts in the racks, I don’t want another one shearing on me in the middle of nowhere…

it weighs somewhere on the wrong side of 14kgs..  It rides nicely however
favourite Dura Ace 9spd thumbies
the Velo Orange saddle that replaced the worn out San Marco Regal.. looks a bit skinny on such a chunky bike.. but it’s comfy.

8 thoughts on “Thorn Nomad

    • oh nothing special, I realised I won’t stop thinking about Patagonia until I go back there and go as far south as I can, giving myself loads of time to climb mountains and stuff along the way. Middle East next year…
      So itinerary.. fly to Santiago, pedal south as fast as possible until I reach my starting point of last year at Puerto Montt.. then keep meandering south hopping between Chile and Argentina until I reach the Beagle Channel.. or something :-)

  • A lump of a bike and then some. I just looked on eBay and there are bike boxes/bags for just over thirty notes. At that price they are almost disposable. Is that a moment of genius or stupid? They even claim to be padded. Off for a bit of bushcraft in the woods today as I have to take too many spin classes next week and can not look at a bike –OOoo legs

  • Hi, just stumbled accross your blog and very interested in the bike! Are the thumbies bar end shifters on brackets? How do you find the compatibility with rear mech for indexing? Just note process of converting from drops to flat bars on my touring bike so looking at options. Would be grateful if you old drop us an mail if you get this!

    • Hey Jamie, cheers for your note. Yep the thumbies are dura-ace bar end levers on machined bar mounts. These were made more than 10 years ago by a small company that made mostly parts for motorsport and are no longer available but you can get what is essentially the same thing from Paul Components

      as for compatability.. all shimano 9 speed shifters index properly with all shimano 9spd rear mechs. The same is not true of shimano 10spd systems, the 10spd MTB rear mechs use a different cable pull ratio to road mechs so 10spd bar end levers won’t work properly with 10spd MTB rear mechs. Stick to 9spd however and all will be fine.

      have fun with it!

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