Close to Home

Mini and micro adventures closer to home

Dodman Point and Other Places

A local riding and paddling diary from the post-full-lockdown days of June. As the spring wildflowers fade and the dust turns to the mud of the summer, a period of relative peace and quiet prior to the full opening of the tourist industry. Read more »

Still in the West

It’s been a month and I probably have enough material for another spell of idle rambling… and with work understandably quiet, it’s not like... Read more »

In The West

Cornish lockdown riding diaries; time for reflection & reconnecting with my local area - a spiritual place with a deep connection to the ages. Read more »

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On the Road Again

Bikepacking the Andes

The Empty Quarter… Laraos to Huancavelica

Technically “The Empty Quarter” applies to the Rub’ al Khali desert on the Arabian Peninsula, however I’m going to use a little creative license and use it to describe the last few days on my bike from Laraos; it could equally apply to parts of Bolivia and the Puna de Atacama in northern Chile and Argentina so I reserve the right to use it again. As usual I’ll use pictures rather then a tedious narrative to … Read more »

Córdoba Streets

Thought I’d sling up a few impressions of Córdoba city. It’s alright; colourful, busy, good icecream. I’ll say goodbye to friends here this evening... Read more »

Cerro Aspero

To my mind one of the greatest things about a bicycle is the ease with which it enables new friendships and shared adventures. The... Read more »

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Street Photography

Bikepacking with the Fuji X-System

An overview of the Fuji X-series camera gear I use for bikepacking adventures at home and overseas. Primarily motivated by street photography, my bag currently contains an X100F or an X-Pro 2 with a small selection of prime lenses. Read more »

Mostly Street, a portfolio of street photography from Mike Hayes

Mostly Street

A new home for my portfolio of street photography from around the world. Mostly featuring the high Andes, there is however a sprinkling of... Read more »

Córdoba Streets

Thought I’d sling up a few impressions of Córdoba city. It’s alright; colourful, busy, good icecream. I’ll say goodbye to friends here this evening... Read more »


Cafayate is the point at which my route intersects that of ten years ago. It was a lovely place to spend some time then,... Read more »

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Sea Kayaking

On the water

South to Mingulay and Beyond

Just an advance warning – this post contains a lot of pictures, including a number of grey seals that may make you just go “aww..”. It just means the page might be a little slow to load. So with that out of the way… Following from my post of a few days ago I’d arrived back on Barra on my bike and was about to chuck all my gear into a sea kayak for the journey … Read more »


On reaching the mighty age of six my brother and I were given a small secondhand mono tape deck.... Read more »

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Bikes and Gear


Project: Big Fat Dummy Fenders

A workshop project to make a set of laminated wooden mudguards for my Surly Big Fat Dummy. Made from a blend of oak and smoked red gum with home-made brass and stainless steel fittings. They look cool and are a more sustainable solution than moulding composites. Read more »

Surly Big Fat Dummy

My Surly Big Fat Dummy.. a mad, bad, fat supertanker of a cargo bike that has proven to be way more fun loaded, and unloaded, than I could ever have imagined. Read more »

N+1 = Big Bro

Mk1 Brother Cycles Big Bro. A well thought-out rigid steel 29er for bikepacking and general trail duties, that supports the kind of old-fashioned standards that I enjoy fiddling with. Read more »

Brother Cycles AllDay

In a world obsessed with carbon, 12 speeds, & electronic shifting, the AllDay stands out as a simple, well-executed steel fixed wheel frame. Post now updated with new content after almost 3 years of ownership. Read more »

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Spiti & Kinnaur

Spiti etc

Other than the 60km asphalt cruise down the valley to Kullu the riding for now is essentially over, I’ll be back in the UK next week. Sadly. I am already missing the peace and solitude of the high mountains despite the luxuries on offer here. As I write I’m in Manali, a place I visited 12 years ago on my way north on my bike to Ladakh. The place has changed dramatically, from a sleepy … Read more »

Post-Himalayan Apathy…

It’s always ‘challenging’ returning home after a decent adventure but this time seems to have been, or rather ‘is’, particularly difficult. All I can... Read more »


I’m really happy, got my Inner Line Permit. It had been on my mind a little because I kept hearing and reading all sorts... Read more »

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