A Boatbuilder’s Story – proof

Today was a good day… I got to see the bound proof of A Boatbuilders Story, it looked fantastic – printed on a heavyweight silk finish paper it’s a slightly larger format than the original. My sister, Sally Mitchell, has done a fantastic job with all the text and layouts… more »

A Boatbuilder’s Story.. proof

The first proof of A Boatbuilder’s Story arrived at the end of last week which is pretty exciting. There are a few changes still to make such as inserting a few of the images that recently turned up but it’s getting really close now. Exciting. It’s a larger format than… more »

A Boatbuilder’s Story.. getting there!

** update: now available, click here ** Time for a long overdue update on ‘A Boatbuilder’s Story‘.. it’s been taking a lot longer than expected..  it took a bit of a back seat recently as I’ve become increasingly busy with my business.. a good thing, and when not working just plain guilty… more »

A Boatbuilder’s Story: update

** update: now available, click here ** Quick one.. an update on the progress of A Boatbuilder’s Story is way overdue… the project is still ongoing but I’ve just had rather a lot of other stuff on my mind. The photography archive is complete and the text is underway with a friend…. more »

an update on A Boatbuilder’s Story

** update: now available, click here ** It occurred to me that what with spending the summer in the Hebrides and so on that you might have thought this project had fallen by the wayside.. not so, it’s still on-going. It looks like the text is going to be a winter project… more »

wakeboarding 1927…

found this morning in the boatyard photo archives.. proof that the “extreme sport” of wakeboarding may in fact have been invented in Portmellon in 1927 ;-) One suspects that aerial moves were not on the menu with this set-up…

a Thursday roundup…

Various projects have been moving slower than expected for a number of reasons, including having to repair my carbon paddle after I noticed some damage,  so I thought I would post a quick round up.. 1. The carbon surf kayak fins.. I have a nice mould now, pictured. The first… more »

from the yard archives…

Very conscious of the fact I have not been inspired to write of late… with the Boatbuilder’s Story project (** update: now available, click here **) and my own portfolio to edit  I’ve spending a lot of time in front of the mac such that when not working on either of those… more »

A Boatbuilder’s Story

** update: now available, click here ** It is time I think that I talked about one of the projects on which I am working… nothing to do with riding bikes in strange places but rather a story about boats. I was lucky enough to grow up in a tiny little Cornish… more »