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silhouette of a man taking a selfie on the beach

The End of Spring

The summer solstice marks the end of the astronomical spring, and while inspiration was hard to come by I did manage to capture a little bit of what spring is perhaps meant to be while out riding around… I think. Maybe.

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Spring Bunny

When defined solely in terms of riding, despite being limited to the narrow confines of the far west, the past year has been an unexpectedly rich one; I explored new trails, discovered stories I might otherwise never have known, and stitched together routes that likewise may never have happened.

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Carn Galva etc

The closest thing to a summit here in the far west is probably Carn Galva, a granite outcrop on the Penwith moor, just a bit west of Zennor, a mere 827ft above the Atlantic crashing on the cliffs far below. It is unlikely that books would be written of a ride to the summit of Carn Galva, however in a world shrunken by Covid it does, perhaps, represent a worthy objective for a morning on two wheels.

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tent pitched in predawn light on the coast
Wave watching at Kenidjack

Wiggle Room

Although geographically constrained by the ocean, the far west of Cornwall has a great deal of “wiggle room” – opportunities to use a bicycle as a means to strengthen my connection to my home, with the added drama of winter weather.

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October in Cornwall is very much a month of transition as the trails turn to slop, and, as the early season storms sweep in off the Atlantic, the wind charts change from summer’s cool tones of blue and green, to the oranges and reds of winter. It is certainly an interesting month, so here is something of a photographic riding diary.

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Penwith Pootle

Hitting the eject button with a two-day micro-adventure close to home in the far west of Cornwall. Linking together a bunch of muddy tracks and trails with a night on the cliffs made for a perfect journey of (re)discovery.

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