Darth Kayak rides again…

Dusted off my greenland boat, nicknamed by persons other than myself as Darth Kayak,  at the weekend for the first time in ages.. I’ve been paddling it less and less frequently the last couple of years – it’s ultralight construction means it’s not robust enough for the flavour of paddling that… more »

another post of a carbon flavour…

I feel as if I should apologise to my cycling readership for the recently rather kayak-heavy flavour of my posts… It’s not that I am not riding, I am.. it’s just that nothing exciting is going on in that department right now.. Just cruising around and not really missing the… more »

another carbon Greenland paddle

I’ve just finished making myself a second carbon Greenland paddle. The first one has been a great success, very nice to use – comfortable and very efficient, and has proven itself more than tough enough. The reason for this new one is that I wanted to modify the blade profile… more »

Carbon Fairy comes.. (again)

progress on the paddle project has been slowed somewhat this last few days by a spell of fine weather, the Cornwall Sea Kayak Symposium, some bike riding, getting mashed in some large surf and essential outdoors work on my house… It’s not stalled completely however, a large roll of the… more »