Sea Kayak Rack…

Something I’d been meaning to do for far too long was to replace the rather random, untidy mix of trestles and roof-mounted slings with a half-decent wall mounted rack for my sea kayaks. I was always too busy.. work, paddling, riding etc etc but having a month essentially away from my bike on return from the Atlas provided the ideal opportunity for catching up with stuff like that. Still haven’t got around to painting the kitchen however.. and I’m back training now for next season.. and winter surf is always good.. and… Oh well…

my old Romany is still sitting on a foam block because I’m lazy..… but I think I’ll make a proper cradle for it and move the ones above up slightly to make room.

Soo… here it is. There are no plans other than the design that formed in my head over the week prior to cutting some wood one afternoon. For sure I could have made it simpler/uglier but I kind of like making things better fiddlier than they need to be.. although it is far from sophisticated or well finished… it’s not furniture after all. Materials (4mm ply, 40x70mm stock, 70mm webbing and fixings) cost came to around £35.

I’m lucky to have a shed big enough for kayaks.. it was a significant factor in the buying decision for my house… not the only one I hasten to add.. there were bicycles to be considered too… ;-)


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