Elementum Journal – The Launch

A few months ago I introduced Elementum, a journal of new writing and visual arts (that post is here). Last night I was privileged to be invited along to the launch of the print edition. With Issue 1 fresh off the press I was excited to see it in print for the… more »

Elementum Journal

Just a quick post… I thought I would mention something I was privileged to become involved with this winter as it is something that may well appeal to a number of my readership… it’s easy for me to write about too as all the hard work like thinking of appropriate words to use has been… more »

in an ordinary world

A few days ago I was reminded to write about something that I’ve been meaning to scribble a few words on for ages.  I was sitting in the waiting room at my GP’s surgery, there was a pile of photography magazines in the corner so I picked one up for… more »