South to Mingulay and Beyond

Just an advance warning – this post contains a lot of pictures, including a number of grey seals that may make you just go “aww..”. It just means the page might be a little slow to load. So with that out of the way… Following from my post of a few… more »

final few island images…

I’m leaving these islands on Sunday morning… feeling a little sad, I feel very at home here. However all being well I’ll be back next summer for another season of kayaking and in the meantime I have a whole winter of ‘stuff’ to look forward to back in Cornwall. I… more »

a little more Barra & Vatersay

Just a few more images of Barra & Vatersay as seen through a plastic Holga lens. It has a focal length equivalent of 50mm & aperture is fixed at f8. Ideal snapshot lens if you can work with the low contrast, vignetted, unsharp look… especially at the moment as the… more »

more island stuff…

“You anything to do with the sea kayaking?” the grumpy looking chap said… it clearly had not escaped his notice that I was faffing about with sea kayaks on a trailer here in Castlebay. “Yup” was my one word reply… failing to warm to him and his equally grumpy looking… more »

Harris and other places

….tired from 2 weeks of back to back wild camping kayak adventures north of here off Harris and the Uists I am somewhat lacking in inspiration to write.. luckily however I have some photos I can simply throw at you while I go off for another coffee. I have a… more »

Outer Hebrides Sea Kayaking

Apologies for my recent absence… I mentioned in my last post that I’d be spending the summer working as a sea kayak guide up here in the wonderful Outer Hebrides. I have a busy schedule, the meat of which is a series of 6 day wild camping trips around the… more »