EAI Gold Medal Pro

This is a bit of a bike nerdy post so most readers can probably go and do something else, maybe go and find some drying paint or something…  I’ve been running Dura-Ace track cogs on my TT bike.. they’re very round which is great for achieving consistent chain tension but I… more »

life in the old dog yet…

I borrowed that well-worn old expression off a mate, also an old duffer of 42 (or maybe 41… or 35 even, just in case he’s reading..),  who did really well at a surf kayak comp last weekend and wheeled it out for the occasion… although 42 is not old of… more »

Isaac Velocity.. somewhat inevitable

One for the bike nerds :-) It was inevitable really I suppose that sooner or later along would come a new dedicated fixed-gear TT machine to replace my now long-gone Condor Stadio… Budget this time around much much smaller so nearly all second hand parts, which is no bad thing, but… more »