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Still in the West

It’s been a month and I probably have enough material for another spell of idle rambling… and with work understandably quiet, it’s not like I have an excuse for not finding the time.  For someone with a history of depression, being able to get out for a ride during an extended spell of fine weather has undoubtedly been key to maintaining my wellbeing during this period. Like a very many people I suspect, I have …

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A Vintage Autumn

Arguments over whether it is late summer or early autumn aside, it is turning into a vintage season for blackberries. Apparently the summer was warm and damp while I was away, and this is the result. My Surly Cross Check makes a great tool for foraging with an old tub zip-tied to the front rack, either for specific missions or simply while out enjoying the trails. Something else it does really well given there is …

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Kayaks on Pentreath Beach


This is Pentreath beach on the Lizard. Access from the landward side requires a hike followed by a scramble down a steep, broken path cut into the cliff.. so even in peak summer holiday season it is always deserted.. or close to. It produces a steep, dumpy wave at anything other than low water if there is any swell around which can make landing a sea kayak a somewhat damp but fun exercise.. worth it.. unless the swell is …

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