I’ve been  thinking about Patagonia an awful lot recently, and not just because it’s a damp, grey January… There is a little place inside my heart that has Patagonia in it.. I can feel a tug there every time I think about the place. In 2016 I feel as if I must deal with some unfinished riding business in Central Asia .. so I think that’s what I’ll do this year by way of a decent adventure… but once I’ve dealt with that niggle then.. I think it has to be Patagonia. Again. In the meantime I was browsing back over my images and came across a few that I didn’t publish at the time for whatever reason, so I’m putting that right now. I really like them and they sum up well what Patagonia means for me… empty, brooding, magnificent wilderness.

It doesn’t really need a caption. Epic skies are one thing, amongst others, that Patagonia does particularly well.
The view from my tent one chilly mid-summer morning :-)
A wonderfully lonely stretch of highway

6 thoughts on “Patagonia

  • Awesome pictures … or ‘Epic’ as my son would say!
    They take me back a few years to a trek I did around Torres del Paine. I totally get the feeling of the draw to remoteness and solitude.
    It’ll probably be a few years before I head back that way although my wife is happy for me to take a couple of weeks out of family life this year. Looks like the Cape Wrath Trail in Scotland might be beckoning!
    Thanks for the posts!!!

    • hey Jon, cheers for taking the time. While I was writing that I kept thinking “could just go to Scotland‚Ķ.”but it’s not the same. However Cape Wrath trail sounds fantastic, have been meaning to get up there for a while. Have an awesome time!

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