Chough Stuff, an Intro

Having been stopped along the trail by interested folk, and gently nagged about making them available, here is an introduction to the Puffin Burrow seatpack, and the Chough Stuff brand. Made in Cornwall and all that ;-)

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sea kayaker in Mounts Bay with St Michael's Mount


October in Cornwall is very much a month of transition as the trails turn to slop, and, as the early season storms sweep in off the Atlantic, the wind charts change from summer’s cool tones of blue and green, to the oranges and reds of winter. It is certainly an interesting month, so here is something of a photographic riding diary.

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Penwith Pootle

Hitting the eject button with a two-day micro-adventure close to home in the far west of Cornwall. Linking together a bunch of muddy tracks and trails with a night on the cliffs made for a perfect journey of (re)discovery.

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heather in bloom at Godrevy Head

A September Riding Diary

A lovely month for riding as the light softens, shadows lengthen, and the signs of the changing seasons accelerate. With winter knocking on the door, and in the absence of prospects for a larger adventure, finding ways to turn everyday riding into nano-adventures, and exploring my local area anew continue to bring a much-needed sense of purpose to the days.

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Surly Cross Check

It’s been in the Surly Catalogue for more than 20 years, what possible relevance could the venerable Cross Check still have in a world of modern adventure and gravel bikes…? That would depend on you, here’s mine.

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Dodman Point and Other Places

A local riding and paddling diary from the post-full-lockdown days of June. As the spring wildflowers fade and the dust turns to the mud of the summer, a period of relative peace and quiet prior to the full opening of the tourist industry.

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Still in the West

It’s been a month and I probably have enough material for another spell of idle rambling… and with work understandably quiet, it’s not like I have an excuse for not finding the time. ¬†For someone with a history of depression, being able to get out for a ride during an extended spell of fine weather has undoubtedly been key to maintaining my wellbeing during this period. Like a very many people I suspect, I have …

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In The West

Cornish lockdown riding diaries; time for reflection & reconnecting with my local area – a spiritual place with a deep connection to the ages.

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Mostly Street, a portfolio of street photography from Mike Hayes

Mostly Street

A new home for my portfolio of street photography from around the world. Mostly featuring the high Andes, there is however a sprinkling of India, Morocco, Pakistan, China, and a few other places. Visit

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