early August two wheeled stuff

Yesterday was the last event in the Cornish Cup series and also the last Open TT event of my calendar for the year. There are still races in August but for me August is reserved for cafe rides with friends, taking cross bikes up onto the moors and paddling. I’m… more »

EAI Gold Medal Pro

This is a bit of a bike nerdy post so most readers can probably go and do something else, maybe go and find some drying paint or something…  I’ve been running Dura-Ace track cogs on my TT bike.. they’re very round which is great for achieving consistent chain tension but I… more »

Isaac Velocity.. somewhat inevitable

One for the bike nerds :-) It was inevitable really I suppose that sooner or later along would come a new dedicated fixed-gear TT machine to replace my now long-gone Condor Stadio… Budget this time around much much smaller so nearly all second hand parts, which is no bad thing, but… more »

that Kona Paddy Wagon winter bike

The PaddyWagon frame has built up into a really nice winter trainer.. I built it on Tuesday afternoon and took it for a quick 60km shakedown spin yesterday afternoon. It’s a nice ride.. not as sparkly as my DeSalvo but you wouldn’t expect that, but it does have that nice… more »