Winter Palette

Have been feeling utterly uninspired to write of late – no stories to tell or anything much interesting at all to say really… just riding and stuff… I think it’s a late winter thing but with spring proper just around the corner I’m hoping that will change. I always quite… more »

Storm IX

The ninth severe storm of the season barrelled into the cliffs of Cornwall yesterday. It was the most savage so far in what has been a very stormy winter. Our winters are becoming noticeably more stormy, no doubt a consequence of climate change, but also hoping that the relentless stormy weather… more »


The last few weeks since I returned from India have seen a series of storms sweep across Cornwall (well.. not just Cornwall…), seemingly perfectly timed to disrupt the weekends.. every weekend. The one exception being that sunny Sunday a couple of weeks ago. Despite being self-employed and therefore having the freedom to… more »

Winter o’clock in the west

The sun came out yesterday as the remnants of the latest storm blew themselves out on the granite cliffs around here… it was quite a beautiful scene with the ocean in stunning turquoise plumage as a result of being super-aerated by the wave action.. and they were good waves, offshore… more »

the end of BST

so the UK media has been going stupid over what is being ‘marketed’, for want of a better term, as ” the worst storm to hit the UK in years…” the reality from where I am sitting is that it is certainly no worse than any number of storms to… more »

April sky

fantastic sky over Godrevy Lighthouse this morning as heavy April showers sweep in from the northwest… I was down at the Sunset Café for a meeting on my bike but happened to have a compact in my pocket.