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The return of winter skies

November seems to have brought winter with it in emphatic fashion after what seemed to be a mostly dry and sunny October… and that means the return of the stormy skies and dramatic lighting that I like very much…  I dashed down to the beach for an hour between storms yesterday with my camera for some air. It was well worth it and represented some sort of compensation for being sufficiently under the weather that …

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A Small Wave

On Sunday there was a small but clean wave coming into the bay. Still feeling tired and a bit wobbly – not quite strong enough to get in the water myself but in dire need of some involvement with both my friends and the waves at some level I went along my camera… hence this post.

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Back on Barra

I’m back on the Isle of Barra in the Outer Hebrides for a bit, visiting friends and renewing my acquaintance with this rather wonderful corner of the world. Some folk may remember I spent a summer out here working as a sea kayak guide for local operator Clearwater Paddling (http://www.clearwaterpaddling.com). It is a world class sea kayaking destination and that summer was one of the happiest I can remember – a combination of wild camping …

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