A Small Wave

On Sunday there was a small but clean wave coming into the bay. Still feeling tired and a bit wobbly – not quite strong enough to get in the water myself but in dire need of some involvement with both my friends and the waves at some level I went along my camera… hence this post.

a very still morning looking across the bay to St Ives. Small surf but just big enough to be fun… and quiet now that the summer holidays are over.. hurrah!
ideal waves for a longer class of surf kayak.. like this one
this Eclipse can be made to do lovely, slashy tailslides
face full of salty. Even small waves are fun..
..small waves also mean a nice easy paddle out. I like an easy paddle out ;-) With winter coming however the next few months of paddling out are likely to be flat out sprints to try and get out back while thinking “shit shit shit..” as the next monster set appears on the horizon with its promise of a monumental beating… oh well :-)
there’s a few of these so not going to bother captioning further..

6 thoughts on “A Small Wave

    • hey! ummm, nowhere special or exotic, just Spain ;-) although I do also have a flight back to South America for May :-) Must go and read your Mongolia posts, I’ve been a bit preoccupied (down in the dumps..) recently!

      • After meeting us, don’t you think that Spain is exotic? ? Btw, where about in Spain? San Sebastian is a great city, particularly now that we are not around… ?

        • hehehe, ummm, well….. ;-) The south, it’s been years since I spent any time down there and hoping for some nice dry weather. At the moment though not sure I’ll be going, haven’t been able to ride my bike properly for a month and still not feeling great.. so we’ll see!

  • Keep your pecker up son, we rely on you for our dose of living vicariously through your fine adventures and practised eye.

    • haha, cheers Mark! I’m OK. I had to change my flight in the end, I seem to be limited to just a few slow km at a time, a couple of times a week at the moment, but definitely on the mend. So, moved it to early February, it’s not long to wait.. gives me time to recover, the house needs a lot of work after the flood.. and it means next year will be a good one, what with that trip and a return to South America in May for a few months :-)

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