The return of winter skies

November seems to have brought winter with it in emphatic fashion after what seemed to be a mostly dry and sunny October… and that means the return of the stormy skies and dramatic lighting that I like very much…  I dashed down to the beach for an hour between storms yesterday with my camera for some air. It was well worth it and represented some sort of compensation for being sufficiently under the weather that riding and kayaking weren’t really options. Here’s a few pics.

The beach was utterly deserted.. apart from this chap ripping in the strong north-westerly. Many years ago I used to windsurf and each time I watch wave sailors tearing up the ocean I think about taking it up again… but you know.. time, money etc.. I’m trying to reduce my payload of bicycles and kayaks and so on as it is…
..conditions were fabulously dramatic.
Absolutely stunning skies as icy squall after icy squall swept in on the gale.
This cave offered some handy shelter from the squalls…

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