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North West Frontier cafe

Five Photos, #2

It’s not very sharp, it was quite dark inside the cafe so I was shooting handheld, wide open at f1.4 on Fuji Provia 100f with a shutter speed not far off single figures, if memory serves, on my old Nikon FE2.. Anyway, on the Afghanistan / Pakistan border in 2000 the atmosphere outside felt a little tense and one would not want to put a foot wrong or say the wrong thing.. in the cosy …

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Hindu Festival

Five Photos, #1

A little while ago Chyrel suggested I post five photos in sequence. As a rule I’m not normally particularly bothered about such flavours of ‘challenge’ that circulate through the blogging community… however.. she writes a good blog out east in the Phillippines and is enjoyable to engage with.. so just this once I thought I would…. :-) So, none of the photos I’m going to post are related in any particular sense, rather I thought I would …

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The push to the open road

The open road beckons.. as I think about the need to disappear into wild and empty places again I’ve been thinking, well ‘dwelling’ is perhaps more appropriate, on what it is that draws me to such places. It is a true statement that to date I have never been happier than when ‘lost’ in some vast wilderness. The reasons behind that are many and complex and ones that I generally keep to myself… hence I do not …

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Northwest China Street Portraits

Restless on a cold and piddling wet Friday afternoon and insufficiently motivated to head out on a ride … I haven’t had a chance to do anything with respect to a proper portfolio yet so instead thought I might take 5 minutes to continue in the vein of sharing a few pictures that haven’t been shown here properly before.. so.. a few street portraits from northwest China.. mostly Uyghur and Tajik folk. Really lovely, welcoming  people. All …

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