Five Photos, #2

It’s not very sharp, it was quite dark inside the cafe so I was shooting handheld, wide open at f1.4 on Fuji Provia 100f with a shutter speed not far off single figures, if memory serves, on my old Nikon FE2.. Anyway, on the Afghanistan / Pakistan border in 2000 the atmosphere outside felt a little tense and one would not want to put a foot wrong or say the wrong thing.. in the cosy atmosphere of a local chai stall however things felt completely different and these chaps were only to happy to engage, they were ace. The encounter remains a happy memory, even if the circumstances of the area were not, what with the rise of the Taliban and the refugee status of so very many Afghans, invariably lovely people (well, the ones I met..) after decades of conflict.

A North West Frontier cafe…

The row upon row of shops selling guns and somewhat heavier weaponry on the road to Peshawar were an interesting sight. I was advised not to get my camera out. Good advice I think.

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