Solstice sea kayaking

I don’t always take my camera with me paddling, as has been the case on recent paddling trips if the light looks flat and uninteresting I generally can’t be bothered. Other times, usually when the weather is bad, there is a great promise of interesting stuff happening.. so I do bother… but it doesn’t always work out, today being a case in point.. with the wind rising rapidly to 30 knots, some decent sized piles of water moving around and squally rain showers sweeping across the bay I really struggled with even just a little waterproof compact and only during quieter spells.. it would have been too easy to lose my paddle otherwise… but that aside the conditions were brilliant for a couple of hours of generally dicking around with the building surf… The weather of course was perfectly appropriate for mid-winter here in Cornwall. Terrific fun.

Winter produces some lovely lighting on the ocean..
at times more dramatic than others as the squalls sweep through
after today then the days are getting longer again, but hopefully plenty more poor weather kayaking to enjoy before summer comes around again.
apols for the poor quality, drizzly rain and water smeared all over the lens but the setting with St Michael’s Mount in the background is kind of cool… and quite different to how summer visitors get to see the place.
Mounts Bay is a terrific play spot with a south or south westerly gale, being very shallow for a long way out to sea with numerous reefs and banks the waves build a half km or more offshore so producing terrific, long, spells of surf before the waves finally throw you and your kayak at the beach as they dump on the steep shingle shelf. Tiderace Vortex seemed to be particularly good for this flavour of messing of about.
Another sheet of rain approaches from Newlyn.
Grey. But good grey.

I’m feeling somewhat worked this evening, with the start of the racing season less than 3 months away starting to get some focus back into my riding so a good hard session yesterday on two wheels… and a good hard session this morning on the sea. A thoroughly excellent weekend :-)

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