An hour to spare..

In general when I’m at home I’m not particularly inspired with regard to street photography… rural Cornwall isn’t a particularly ‘street’ sort of a place as far as a density of interesting stuff going on, and I think because it is home I’m just not as interested as when I’m on the road. I do try and remember to have a camera handy sometimes when not riding or paddling for example.. and especially at this time of year the low winter sun can make for some lovely light. I found myself with an hour to spare at Marazion yesterday and had my Fuji x100 with me so went for a wander along the beach. It’s also a reminder that I really need to get out and shoot some film again, haven’t processed a roll since the spring…

I couldn’t decide which of these two I liked more…
so being lazy and posting both.
It’s a lovely spot on a winter afternoon with just a few folk out and about…


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