Purple Brolly

A final few bits and bobs of street photography from Jauja. I’m well enough I think to sling a leg over my bike and hit the trail at last, tomorrow, or at a stretch Sunday. Next stop is Huancavelica I think, about 350km of dirt, and around 8900m of climbing away. It’s been nice to get to know a few faces around town, and of course I always enjoy opportunities to hang out with a camera, street photography being one of my favourite things, but now feeling almost back to normal I’m restless and keen to get going. Immigration only gave me half the normal allowance on my visa on entry for some arbitrary reason so I’m feeling under a degree of pressure… the Bolivian border is about 2500km of dirt away. I don’t think I’ll make it without either a visa extension somewhere (fingers crossed) or a bus or two unfortunately.

I think I’ll fill my bike up with cake on my way out of town.

Some late afternoon sunshine…
An alternative approach to late afternoon sun. The sun is brutally strong up here.
Evening comes early, the last rays of sunshine slanting through the market around 5pm.
Colour harmony aside there’s just something about those chicken feet…
Another fabulous mural… and no graffiti.
I came across that truck again, but this time parked in front of the post rather than behind and up against. Lovely machine, far from mint, with a good patina.
looking at the horses perhaps.. ;-)

8 thoughts on “Purple Brolly

  • I hope all goes well on road. How far south are you planning to go? Perhaps we’ll cross paths again! Hoping to start heading south again too this week…

    • hey, great to hear from you. I would love to be able to catch up with you guys again. I’m going as far south as Villa Mercedes, it’s a bit north of Buenos Aires. 9 years ago I rode all the Andes through Argentina and made some friends in the process that I want to visit, and that’s where they are. I didn’t get to ride the far north of Chile – Atacama and so on, crossing from Argentina into Bolivia at La Quiaca instead. I am going to have to take a bus at some point so we might get to meet in Bolivia perhaps, or northern Chile. I’ll be watching your continuing epic at any rate!
      Take care and happy trails!

  • Great photos as always – you make it look easy, which it is not. Ease yourself into the ride – best of luck with the health.

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