Córdoba Streets

Thought I’d sling up a few impressions of Córdoba city. It’s alright; colourful, busy, good icecream. I’ll say goodbye to friends here this evening over beers, and will set sail for the final few hundred km to my other friends in Villa Mercedes on Monday. It looks like it could be a damp affair; winters here are cool and dry but the summer season is hot and very rainy with lots of thunderstorms. It would appear to have arrived.

The disciples.
Looking the other way.
I’m stopped by different things when I’m out and about. Sometimes it’s the light, sometimes it’s the shadow; sometimes it’s colours or relations of objects to one another; sometimes it’s interesting people… or it can be something else entirely, a scene with a somewhat cinematic quality for example, this moment looked like it could be from a Wim Wenders movie perhaps. Well, it did to me….
Barberia Popular.
“Just do it” guy.
The victor.
It’s a town of old pickups…
… with terrific patina.
Light and dark.
Banco de Córdoba.
Mobile zombie.
Shades of gold.
The Last Question; the title of a 1956 sci-fi short story by Isaac Asimov.
… and pink.
The parking attendant.
Truck driver.
Bored passenger.
Also a passenger.


Cherry picker.

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