Rio, Jakarta, Fes, Istanbul… wherever you are in the world there is a law of nature that says that sooner or later you will stumble across someone playing the theme to the movie Titanic .. on pan-pipes. The only thing that can make it worse is if Celine Dion is… more »

a dripping kebab

I sat on the eastern shore of Europe with a dripping kebab in my hand watching the full moon rise over Asia in a very pink dusk and thought “what a load of bollocks”…. nah I didn’t really.. although after a windless day the air above the city had a… more »

A little bit of Istanbul…

I was wondering whether I’d bother to blog while riding but we’ll see how it goes.. I may lose interest, especially if i find doing it via a little tablet frustrating and poor for handling photos…. As my first proper post using my nexus tablet I’m interested to see how… more »