“Colombia Soy Yo…”

Quite funny really, I put it down to Popayan being such a nice town (and possibly one too many beers with friends last night…)…. I suffered a catastrophic failure of motivation this morning and decided to stay another day. The town is transformed from Sunday’s sleepy state into a bustling hive of activity, kind of like the streets of New York with empanadas rather than hot dogs (though you can have a Perro Calientes if you want….). Brilliant fun.

 My decision to hang out here another day turned out to be a good one (pure luck…)…. this morning there was a huge rally with dancing, music, a procession etc of the people demonstrating against the years of violence at the hands of the guerilla organisations, of which FARC is just one. It seems the demonstration was country wide, I have never felt such emotion in a crowd and it was fantastic to be a part of it. Everyone is waving the national flag today and wearing t-shirts saying Colombia Soy Yo.” literally Colombia is me”.



Other than that… well, I’ve been something of a cafe rat… found a place with great coffee and a nice atmosphere to park myself for a while, think about the next few days riding and watch life go by….. perfect. There is a little nagging thought tho that maybe I am getting lazy……………..


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