back on the road tomorrow, up into the mountains and what looks like about 400km to my next stop so slinging up a few pics of Pamukkale now… The storm continued to rage all night and it was still raining first thing this morning… the air is clearer however as a result and my bike is sparkling clean :-) The weather appears to have thoroughly broken, the forecast on my route for the next few days is for highs of just 10 degs C and lows of -1… it will feel ‘different’.. I am looking forward to it…although depending on who you talk to it will either rain all the time or rain some of the time…

a chap I met last night was caught out in the storm while up on the mountain, he gave me a pic so I could see just what was chasing me along the valley.. here it is

Pamukkale then.. the most overtly touristy place seen so far on this journey, almost claustrophobically so given it is just a tiny village.. but despite that it is a good natured place… and worth a visit. I won’t repeat what has been written already elsewhere, so have a read of the wikipedia entry instead. Sadly the day stayed grey and rainy much of the time, I expect the calcite travertines are spectacular in evening sunshine. The travertines have a distinct soundtrack too, especially higher up where the crowds are greatest.. it is one of rangers blowing their whistles at folk doing things they shouldn’t on the fragile formations… and the chorus of digital camera focus beeps.

pomegranates grow everywhere
the omnipresent Turkish tomato….

thankfully the crowds tend to stay at the top of the mountain where the buses drop folk off…
the top of the mountain is also blessed with the vast, sprawling ruins of the ancient Phrygian city of Hieropolis..
flattened by an earthquake something like 1800 yrs ago.. I imagine it was quite good before then….:-)
they are now possibly the most well-manicured ruins of the ancient world… big budget I think..

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