I see dead people…

I see dead people“…. sadly if you asked me to come up with a movie quotation off the top of my head then that would probably be it… nothing so special as “Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine...”.. or even, hehe, “search your feelings Luke, you know them to be true….“. It was those words whispered by Cole in the Sixth Sense that were bouncing around in my <strange> mind as I walked around looking at all the dead people, or rather their tombs, in Buenos Aires’ Recoleta Cemetery while pondering our species penchant for preserving those of our dead considered wealthy or important enough to be worthy of the privilege.. whether it’s mummified tribal chieftains in Irian Jaya or, as here, the vast marble and granite tombs of Argentinas elite.

I did not spend long, the late afternoon heat was intense in the narrow alleys between tombs. The inscriptions read as a who’s who of Argentinas history with the merely wealthy also mixing it with the powerful and influential. Eva Peron lies here too, I did not specifically seek her out but it hard to miss her.. her tomb is the one with the crush of tourists crammmed into the narrow alley, camera lenses poking every-which way. I wondered if the scene would have been the same if there had not been a movie with Madonna in the title role…

So, very different to the streets of Buenos Aires as portrayed in my previous post below… and I am also off to a very different place… the airport :-(

2 thoughts on “I see dead people…

  • Dear Mike,
    You have no idea how wonderful it has been to share your adventures via the regular posts turning up in my inbox. You are an inspiration to those of us with the will but not yet the means or the time to go on adventures ourselves. I hope one day to do something as .. I don’t know … explorative, un-touristy, stretching, demanding and fun. I hope you enjoy a well-earned rest, but make it short, eh – we await further missives from the next place :)
    All the best,

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