winter ocean

While the rest of the nation apparently froze it’s collective nuts off yesterday, west Cornwall was, at +4C merely a bit nippy. With light winds and just a lazy groundswell running paddling conditions out along the west coast of the Lizard between Poldhu and Kynance were particularly mellow… although later in the day the tide, in spots, was running at between 2 and 3 knots and kicking up some impressive overfalls, adding a frisson of excitement to an otherwise very lazy session.

wonderful late afternoon winter light
the Lizard's cliffs are always dark, but on days like this they are positively brooding. In stormy weather it can feel a particularly unfriendly place to be in a kayak.
there was only a very small wave on the beach at Kynance but swirling currents and waves reflected from the cliffs made landing and launching off the steep patch of sand, dodging barely submerged rocks surprisingly tricky
winter kayaking is fantastic, the ocean feels especially lonely

2 thoughts on “winter ocean

  • So, your back is better now. We fly to the sun of Portugal on Tue from what has been the coldest spell here in the Baltic. You would be walking here – the sea is frozen for miles and ice breakers keeping harbours open. AS you say – god bless the gulf stream.

    • yes, just a little ache. Back in the surf this morning… there were dolphins :-)
      I’m looking forward to reading about Portugal, I’ve wanted to tour the Atlantic coast for a while but haven’t got around to it yet..

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