A quick post beer post…

Oh it’s so good to be on the road again, albeit just for a quick trip.

Having arrived quite late last night into Heraklion today was reserved for things like getting up late, drinking beer in the sun while looking at maps, putting bikes together, finding supplies and so on. Easy. It is rather fun to be on the road in a modern European country for a change with well stocked supermarkets full of good riding / camping supplies.. and some great beachside bars. The forecast for the next few days is just ace too..sunny skies and temps betweeen 24 and 30 degs C. Perfect riding weather. The plan, insofar as there is one, is to head south west across the Psilioritis Mountains on dirt tracks and paths as far as possible (one suspects there will be a lot of backtracking and just making stuff up… there are trails all over the place), down to the south coast, try and get west along the coast on the E4 hiking trail (there is no road) and if it proves unrideable we’ll see if we can hop on a boat instead… then up into the Lefka Ori (White Mountains) for a look around before a cross country, offroad fiddle back to Heraklion. Should be good. For a change also I’ve dragged a riding buddy, Ash, from home along with me. he is already proving a bad influence in terms of alcohol consumption :-)

the view from afternoon beers
and a spot of post-beer local exploration. One only has to ride a km inland to find a completely different world to the busy coastal strip.

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