Revisiting Summer

Having been utterly lacking with regard to motivation to write anything recently I thought I might make the effort to tell a very brief story of a regression to the summers of my childhood. Not that I ever grew up or anything it’s just that those warm summer days with their soundtrack of skylarks high above the fields of ripening wheat and the hum of bees around the wild flowers feel as if they have been in rather short supply recently. So, with proper summer weather very much in force, and following a rather agreeable early morning surf yesterday with a pod of dolphins in attendance I hopped on my bike with a friend for a two-wheeled ramble east towards the Cornwall of my childhood where summers were filled with days riding bikes along clifftop trails, fishing off the rocks, messing about in boats along the sheltered coast, chasing model aeroplanes across the fields, and sleeping out… I’m doing nothing more than playing on my bike, and it’s brilliant.

Summer on the Roseland
Gerrans Bay… the Roseland has a gentle rural landscape of undulating fields and sheltered beaches quite different in character to the the west of Cornwall despite being only a short ride away.
We stopped for refreshments in Portscatho in that lovely warm glow of an early evening sun.
A fine spot to overnight. The post-sunset light was wonderful.
luckily I had brought something for dinner….
I can’t decide which of these two pics I like best so being lazy and slinging both up. At least this one has a little more context.
I only had a small fixed lens camera with me.. which is why the moon is so small in this pic.. but it was a fabulous moonrise so I’m including it…
I swear this stuff (brandy..) tastes better out of a grubby old titanium pot…
Sunrise. It was a short night :-)
Perfect summer overnighter.
really lucked out with this camp spot.
I needed my tarp with the heavy dew fall but with the sun showing its face I moved my bed outside for a few more ZZzs while Mark tried to catch breakfast…
An agreeable start to the week I think, and a lovely dose of nostalgia with it. Perfect.

4 thoughts on “Revisiting Summer

  • Thanks for the pics. Absolutely stunning – and inspiring.
    I particularly liked the dichotomy between nostalgia and the pint! Either that … or you discovered the amber nectar earlier than I ;-)

    • haha, cheers for reading, and yeah re the pint, there are indeed a few childhood summer memories associated with that, especially when combined with a packet of salt and vinegar crisps (also in Portscatho), but i was of course a well-behaved child, everything in moderation and all that….;-)

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