Year end pictures

Almost the last day of the year. It’s raining, as per normal, and for once I’m trying to be grown up by getting on with some of the jobs that need doing when you live in a 200+ year old heap of granite… like fixing, filling, and painting. Inevitably however things like paint need time to dry, and frequent tea breaks are required so I thought I might just use this opportunity throw a few pictures at the internet.. pictures that have been kicking around my hard drive for a while and have no proper home or common theme except ‘winter in Cornwall’…

Happy New Year, I hope it’s a good one for you.

There’s a lighthouse in there somewhere.. the first storm of the season hits the Longships Light.
Oh.. there it is… The lighthouse itself is 115ft tall, the islet it sits upon is around 35ft at high water…
Wave watching at Sennen
..and wave watchers at Lands End.
Constipated dog…
windy at Porthleven too…
Big surf rolling in to Sennen Cove
Waves are hypnotic..
Fishing gear in the wind.
The beach at Gwithian…
Winter light amongst the stacks at Gwithian. Chunky knit hats with giant bobbles seem to be the thing to have this winter… everyone has ’em.. those and the kind expensive wellies that have pointless little straps on. Hurrah for individuality…. you know, if humanity were assimilated by The Borg an awful lot of folk wouldn’t notice…
Kitesurfers at Mexico Towans
A kitesurfer enjoying the storm… I was just enjoying the fabulous light.
I do enjoy winter light at the beach and can wander for hours on the sand watching the waves and the rapidly changing light.
A lot of folk on the other hand, mainly visitors from the city based on dress, appear uncomfortable with the whole thing.. as if they’ve gone to the beach because, you know, it’s Cornwall, but once there are reluctant to stray far from the shelter of a luxury 4×4 for more than a few minutes… they often  look as if they might be happier in a shopping mall instead… after all brogues are hardly the ideal choice of footwear for the Cornish coast in winter.
That lighthouse again. I really tried not to take this photo but the sky was beautiful. so I did.
Coastal erosion at Godrevy
I know I’m rotten but I do find some amusement in spotting folk unused to navigating surfaces other than pavement, it’s not hard … note the correct wellington boots :-)
A nice wave at Porthleven… and my bike.
At the end of a cliff-top hike. Visitors staring at the winter ocean at Lizard Point… another spot where folk seem reluctant to actually walk anywhere, preferring instead of parking in the expansive parking a short distance back up the hill to force their way down the tiny lane to the very end in huge 4x4s {sigh}. Honestly, in human history has there been any invention other than the motorcar with quite the same ability to turn normal people into entitled assholes…


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