Last Days of Autumn

If used to the fall colours of the eastern US and Canada then autumn in the UK might, possibly, seem rather dull by comparison… but it isn’t really. The palette is just rather more subtle and subdued. I think it is quite beautiful, especially towards the close of autumn as the winter storms encroach leaving just the last few splashes of colour to lift the greys and browns of the winter landscape. A riding buddy and I took ourselves on two wheels over to the hidden backroads and byways of the Roseland Peninsula for a last look at autumn before winter proper sets in. Very much a relaxed day-tour flavour of riding on fat(ish) tyres on virtually traffic free lanes.. we enjoyed meeting other two-wheeled folk, looked at, and listened to the birdlife.. and the silence of the lanes… no cars to ruin the peace :-) Also got really muddy. It was ace. I took a pocket camera with me. Here are some snaps.. as usual.

Autumn riding. Perfect
Traffic free…
My favourite tree tunnel ever, this time dressed in a lovely autumn palette.
The last dregs of colour
.. I also love the trees in their full winter guise. So much texture.
Another fantastic tree tunnel. Sheltered from the storms in a lush valley this one looks like it will hang on to its colour a while longer.


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