Sunny morning surf

Just a couple of quick snaps from a fabulously mild and sunny morning kayak-surf session and catch up with friends one day last week… Self-employment is full of uncertainty, hard work and, at times, soul searching.. but there are pay-offs.. and it’s important for one’s sanity to escape from time to time I find ;-)

A decently-sized swell was rolling in…
Timing between sets key on the paddle out.. a longer boat handy for a bit of extra speed.
.. get it wrong, or just plain unlucky, and ..ouch…. funny to watch however and when the surf is bigger an experience somewhat akin to a bird flying into a window. Admittedly my least favourite part of the sport… and one i’ve recently developed a real mental block over thanks to a couple of proper kickings and not having spent much time in the surf this last few months…
..but it’s worth the effort.

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