Cajamarca Bits

Just a little bit more street photography from Cajamarca. I love street photography… just hanging out with a 35mm lens and watching life go by. The sort of pictures that just happen and sometimes need to be looked at for more than a moment. I feel I need to go somewhere and do something in the autumn and I rather think a chilled out cruise on my bike between interesting places, simple fixed lens camera in hand, in northern Spain and Portugal for October might be in order.. similar to last year in southern Spain. In the meantime flying to Lima at stupid o’clock tomorrow morning for the Wednesday night flight back to the UK. It’s taken me a while to come to terms with my decision, and I haven’t yet fully rationalised it, but my breathing still ain’t great so it was the right one. I’ll be back. I hope.

Wonderful late afternoon light in downtown Cajamarca.
Peru things…
Cajamarca street life
Moving day
Croatia vs Russia
Chilies. Have been cooking with these and they’re hot with just the right amount of fruitiness.

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