revisiting some Moroccan streets

For the last couple of bicycle journeys I’ve travelled really light so just used a 7″ Android tablet as a tool for updating this journal – not ideal but it did the job and took up very little room along with my camera, a Fuji x100s – I think   the most perfect bicycle travel camera I’ve ever come across. The biggest weakness of the small tablet is with photos.. and looking back at recent entries from the road on a decent screen it’s really noticeable how poor the uploaded image quality was. It was, I admit, partly by design – I deliberately used lots of jpeg compression to keep file sizes tiny so they don’t take forever to upload on a slow, back of beyond connection.. and partly just because a cheap 7″ tablet is a rubbish thing to try and work with photos on. I shall continue to use it when on the road however because, despite the poor quality, they do just fine in illustrating the journey. I’ve been home from the last adventure for a couple of months but only now getting around to properly spending some time with the pictures I brought back.. work, paddling, riding etc all conspiring to get in the way ;-) I took down my photo portfolio site a while back – it was tired and in need of updating so there will be a new site along soon as I can find some time to code it – but in the meantime.. from time to time… figured I may as well post odd bits and pieces on here.

So.. a little bit of street photography from the latest visit to Morocco.. I really did very little as it was an adventure that was very much more about just riding in wild  places and as such spent precious little time in towns and villages. Morocco is also a place where one has to be very sensitive with regard to photographing the people.. a polar opposite to places such as Turkey, Argentina, Bolivia etc where it seems that folk are, at times, ready to pull your arm off to be in a picture, so with respect to the locals I came home with much less than I might otherwise have done. I do have a couple of particular favourites however…

Looking at them on here now however is far from ideal I’ve decided, they need to be much bigger to appreciate the nuances of expression and small details that make them, in my humble opinion, interesting.. so best get my arse in gear and sort out a portfolio ;-)

In Aoulouz
Also in Aoulouz… :-)
Evening footy match in Taliouine

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